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Why Used Nissan Cars are a Great Value in Dubai?

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Nissan, one of the big Japanese automobile manufacturing companies, comes in the list of the ten largest car markets internationally. According to research in 2020 on used Nissan in Dubai, it was the third hugest, most renowned non-premium used automobile brand in 2021.

Nissan automobiles launch a large variety of sedans in the market. This brand is also known for SUVs and crossovers. Moreover, you can buy excellent quality electric vehicles from their company. The list of their models is impressive. Thus, you can buy 4 x 4 automobiles, sports, and premium automobiles from their brand. Besides their current new releases, pre-owned Nissan cars are also favorites of new used car purchasers. From standard automobiles compatible with families to SUVs and 4×4 automobiles manufactured for off-road traveling, Nissan models are preferred in the United Arab Emirates for plenty of reasons. Their automobiles have interior configuration choices, reliable machinery, attractive exteriors, and typically a great resale price.

Let us give an in-depth review of the best-used Nissan car models in the UAE. This post will guide you on why used Nissan cars are greatly valued in Dubai.

Most well-known used Nissan Automobiles in the UAE?

Nissan cars are preferred in Dubai. Many factors prove that the citizens of UAE like Nissan. Moreover, there are several reasons why Nissan is a favorite pre-owned car model in Dubai. The leading aspects increasing its popularity include great performance, high-tech features, the latest designs, fantastic technology, and new safety attributes.


One of the notable Nissan automobiles of today’s era includes the Nissan Patrol. It is a quality off-roading car. Also, drivers like to drive it in the desert terrain of the UAE. These automobiles give reliable off-roading experience. That is the most noteworthy aspect leading to Nissan Patrol’s popularity in the metropolitan area. From fans who like traveling on sandy terrain to individuals who like comfortable SUVs, Nissan Patrol is a versatile automobile for all. This wide range of automobiles under the Nissan product line, including Patrol, are amongst the best-used SUVs in the country. You can search for Nissan Patrol when considering buying a used Nissan in Dubai.

The latest Nissan Patrol has eight trims. The high-acceleration system of Nissan ensures that the SUV serves at its best on the highways and off-road. Driver-oriented attributes that improve the value of this car include cruise control, forward collision detection, and parking sensors. You can also benefit from the automatic emergency brake with a pedestrian warning when purchasing this SUV. Also, it comes with a hill start assist and decent control. Vehicle dynamic mechanism is another feature that this automobile comes with.

The Nissan Patrol SE Variant

The SE variant is a quality trim for those searching to buy used Nissan in Dubai for sale in the United Arab Emirates. The top features of the Nissan Patrol SE are electricity-driven power steering, an anti-lock braking mechanism, and a behind-view camera. The sunroof facility also makes the car popular amongst consumers.

Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima is one of the most liked Nissan cars in the UAE. The new Altima is known for its high-tech features and intuitive styling attributes.

The second most favorite pre-owned car in the UAE is the Altima. The medium-sized sedan gives several standard driver assistance facilities, including smart forward collision detection and automatic emergency braking. Also, other facilities include smart driver alerts.

Because of these facilities, Altima is known as the highly popular pre-owned Nissan sedan in Dubai. Regarding the trims, SV is the best trim for those searching for pre-owned Altimas for sale in the UAE. Key attributes of the SV trim consist of an electronic parking system and behind-view parking sensors. Among the top features is a single-compartment moonroof.


The pre-owned Nissan Pathfinder is also a popular SUV in the UAE for those searching for a used Nissan in Dubai. After the Altima, Pathfinder is the UAE’s third most-liked Nissan car. The SUV is known for perfect off-road adventures and is equipped with a high-tech display. That is a 9-inch color touchscreen panel. The car also has a wireless apple car system and android compatibility. There is also a great display and a more than twelve-inch digital dashboard console for the driver.

The SUV is ideal for off-roading because of its high-performance framework and smart 4×4 machinery with up to seven various driving systems. Those preferring to use Pathfinder for sale in the UAE typically buy the SV trim. Key attributes of Pathfinder SV are an automatic braking mechanism, a behind-view camera, and blind spot detection.


Pre-owned Nissan Maxima is one of the favorite automobiles in the UAE. This automobile is popular among those who prefer to purchase used Nissan automobiles in the UAE. The sporty sedan is a citizen’s preferable automobile because of its highway driving performance and great attributes.

The new Maxima is a 4-door supercar popular for top-class accelerating capabilities. The UAE’s most preferred Maxima comes in the SV trim. The top facilities of this SV trim consist of smart cruise control and traffic sign identification, among many other facilities. Assuming you are searching for a Maxima to explore the UAE’s terrain, our guide has given you a great review of this automobile. Thus, you can buy a used Nissan in Dubai at an affordable cost.

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