Why Tanzanite Gemstones are very rarely Naturally Blue?

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Tanzanite Gemstone is one of the rarest gemstones today. This makes it a lot more valuable than any other gemstone. Its blue color is extremely popular and rare. Thus, having a Tanzanite Ring is a dream for many. But do you know that Natural Tanzanite is not often blue? Yes, the natural color of Tanzanite Isn’t blue. This is the reason why Blue Tanzanite is so valuable. So what’s the reason that it is not found in Blue color? We will get to know everything here. Also, we will discuss some pretty designs of Tanzanite Jewelry That will make you look incredibly beautiful. Let’s not wait more and begin now!

Why Is Blue Tanzanite Jewelry?

First of all, the reason why Tanzanite Gemstone is so rare is that it is only mined in one place in the world which is the Merelina Hills of Tanzania. That’s why it is named Tanzanite. Tanzanite is mostly found in its brown color and that’s why Blue Tanzanite is extremely rare and precious. The reason why Blue Tanzanite is rare is that it has Vanadium as its prime element in it. Vanadium gives its blue color when it is heated at high temperatures for a long period that’s why it’s not very easy to obtain Blue Tanzanite.

This is the reason why Tanzanite has a much higher value than that diamond. Diamond is still mined in many places but Tanzanite has got only one place and that’s why Tanzanite is so rare and valued. It is typically found in Merelina Hills and has got its typical blue color from there. A beautifully studded Tanzanite is often more valuable than a diamond ring. Tanzanite that’s why is only affordable for the Elite class of People and is generally out of range for the middle class. Tanzanite is that’s why a class that outshines the rest and is much more dominant than any other gemstone jewelry.

Stunning Collections Of Tanzanite Jewelry!

Here are some beautiful pieces of Tanzanite Jewelry one should surely have in their collection:

Tanzanite Ring – Tanzanite Gemstone with a combination of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry gives you a mind-blowing look. Tanzanite Ring looks highly impressive and is very much in demand. Tanzanite Ring is preferred by both men and women because of its dark blue shade. Its highly rare and shining color makes you look classy and elegant at the same time.

Tanzanite Earrings– These days women are crazy about beautiful earrings. Earrings have got more glamour than necklaces these days. These Tanzanite earrings increase your beauty and make you look much prettier. Tanzanite Gemstones studded over beautiful designs of Sterling Silver earrings are a treat to the eyes and give you a very catchy look.

Tanzanite Necklace– Tanzanite Necklaces are still one of the most valued Jewelries amongst others. It is highly popular in wedding seasons and looks great in bridal jewelry collections. Brides look mesmerizing wearing this Tanzanite necklace over their traditional attires. Tanzanite necklaces give you a look that is unforgettable and makes your moment more special and auspicious.

Tanzanite Pendants– Pendants are the modern-day choices of teens and working women. They prefer this light sterling silver jewelry because of its comfort and formal compatibility. These pendants look amazing and are a perfect choice for young age women. These pretty designs of Pendants make you look younger and help you vibe differently. Pendants are the most comfortable option of Sterling Silver Jewelry today. It’s because it’s much lighter to carry and requires less care too.

These were some of the best pieces of Tanzanite Jewelry which can make you look more adorable and stunning.

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Tanzanite As Birthstone Jewelry

Tanzanite represents the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius which means it is recommended for people who are born between 22 November – 21 December. It is believed that wearing this gemstone in your daily life can have various positive effects on your Tanzanite. It is supposed to make you more practically aware, and have better decision-making ability. It also works on your immune system and helps you to become stronger from the inside. So Tanzanite is not just valuable in terms of its price but also in terms of benefits. What’s better than to have a beautiful Gemstone with such benefits attached to it? Tanzanite will work in both ways for you. It will have positive effects on your life and also will make you look classier and more elegant.

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