Why SBI Pulse Credit Card is considered a reliable option for Fitness freaks?

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The world is moving slowly but surely toward fitness. As a result, you can see a large number of fitness enthusiasts every day. Fitness is something that can improve your life in the long run. Furthermore, the fitness industry has boomed, particularly since the COVID-19 outbreak. SBI Credit cards are well-known for catering to all segments of society. As a result, banks have launched a variety of fitness credit cards to cater to fitness enthusiasts. To meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts these credit cards have been designed.

The SBI Pulse Credit Card is one of those fitness cards. Therefore, it comes with a large number of fitness benefits that you will surely love. Moreover, with this card, you will get a complimentary FITPASS PRO membership for 1 year, Noise ColorFit Pulse 2 Max Smart Watch free, and many more exclusive offers. Read down below to understand Why SBI Pulse Credit Card is considered a reliable option for Fitness freaks? 

How does the SBI Pulse Credit Card elevate your Fitness journey? 

SBI Credit Cards are very useful, and many people rely on them. As a result, the lender continues to introduce new credit cards into the market in response to market demand. As the fitness industry in India continues to grow, the lender launched the SBI Pulse Credit Card. It was created to serve fitness enthusiasts. In addition, when you sign up for the card, you will receive a free Noise ColorFit Pulse 2 Max Smart Watch. It will thus aid you in your daily workout routine. Hence, you can use the watch to track your heart rate, footsteps, and many other things. However, according to numerous reviews, the Noise ColorFit Pulse 2 Max Smart Watch is one of the best watches for tracking the overall fitness segment of the day.

Moving forward you will get a 1-year complimentary FITPASS PRO Membership and Netmeds First Membership for free. It is an added health benefit that comes with this credit card.  However, when you pay the renewal fees each year, these complimentary health benefits will be renewed. This means you can enjoy these health benefits for free for the rest of your life if you use a credit card. Every time you spend INR 100 on Chemist, Pharmacy, Dining, and Movies you will get 10 reward points for that. However, for all other spending you will get 2 reward points. In addition to these benefits, you can reap the perks of Milestone Benefits that include an INR 1500 E-Voucher on achieving annual retail spends of Rs. 4 Lakhs. 


The SBI Pulse Credit Card in short is one of the beneficial credit cards that you should definitely try. However, to get it you need to pay INR 1499 as a joining fee and INR 1499 as a renewal charge. However, it can be waived with annual spending of INR 2 lakhs. Being a fitness credit card the benefits Pulse SBI Credit Card provides are vast. As a result, if you enjoy traveling, you can take advantage of the complimentary 8 domestic lounge visits that come with it. In addition, the first two years of Priority Pass membership worth $99 are free. 

You will also receive an insurance protection cover of INR 50 lakhs for air accidents and INR 1 lakh for fraud in addition to the above-mentioned benefit. The reliability of the SBI Pulse Credit Card is very much appreciated if people are using it to enhance their fitness journey. However, if there is any concern you have about the credit card then you can contact the customer care service department. They will provide you with end-to-end service to cater to all your queries. 

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