Why not standard cereal boxes can worth it?

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It was the past when people were simple and needed to be more concerned about customization. In the present time, people consider premium packaging cost worthy. They are so fascinated by custom packaging that they don’t even pay attention to the standard boxes. How will they buy your custom cereal boxes if they do not pay attention? To sell your product, you must adopt new packaging strategies to grab people’s attention. Otherwise, stop dreaming with open eyes.

If you understand the importance of custom packaging for your product advertisement, we are the best choice because we have an exceptional packaging team in the packaging industry. Also, we can only beat ourselves with the advanced packaging tool from box material to the printing method.

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Get extra discount on custom cereal boxes

Christmas is equally precious for us the way it’s for you. We want to give our respected customers incredible discounts for cheering Christmas delights. So, take your gift and book right now to confirm your order. Warning: It is a limited offer and can end at any time. Hurry up, don’t miss the chance; otherwise, you will regret it.

Box styling guidelines for custom cereal boxes

Typically, cereal boxes come in the same style as “Seal-end Style. We can do that for you if you want to do something new. Because everything is possible in customization with iCustomboxes.  You can create depth in cereal boxes according to cereal quantity.

Custom cereal boxes with die-cut windows

If your cereals have different colors and shapes, we suggest you customize the die-cut window. It will be beneficial to grab people’s attention toward new styles of cereals. You can craft die-cut windows in different shapes for kid cereal boxes, like the moon, stars, clouds, etc. More you can outline these borders with PMS and CMYK colors.

Satisfy cereals lovers’ needs with detailed descriptions of custom cereal boxes

The fitness conscious people also mothers are so concerned about cereal selection. If the box does not have all the details, they can’t understand the healthy ingredients of your cereal.  We can do it for you if you want to customize a detailed description of a custom cereal box.  We will customize it in such a way that the customer doesn’t get bored while reading it. If the cereal box has dark shades like red, blue, black, etc., we suggest you do matte lamination. This decent lamination balances the darker shades due to less glare. Also, the buyer can easily read the written description due to less glare.

Choose an elegant design for custom cereal boxes

We have excellent design schemes for the cereal box design. You can choose any of them. All of these have been designed by our experienced designing expert team. If you have difficulty choosing a design, freely ask them. They will recommend you best. Besides designing, you can create images, too, especially on kids’ favorite custom cereal boxes. They would love it.

Custom corrugated boxes for cereals shipment purposes

Do you want shipment boxes for cereals shipment? We provide those boxes too. These boxes are made up of corrugated material boxes. Which is heavyweight and durable. You can customize it according to the cereal box’s quantity. You can also add flutes to them according to product weight. Also, they are eco-friendly and can be used for a long time.

Get your order at a time with iCustomboxes

Are you done with late dispatching commitments? Why not trust iCustomboxes for a quick turnaround? That’s our promise your order will be dispatched within the time we committed.

Turnaround Time

8 Business Days (Rush) to print and dispatch

12 Business Days (Standard) to print and dispatch

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