Why are Meal Replacement Shakes Getting Popular?
Why are Meal Replacement Shakes Getting Popular?

Why are Meal Replacement Shakes Getting Popular?

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Opposite to protein shakes, meal replacement shakes provide the full nutritional value of a meal. Some of these come in powdered foam, and others are prepared foam in a can or bottle. Most meal replacement shakes have 200-400 calories and a good ratio of protein, fiber, fats and other essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, choosing a meal replacement shake as a complete meal is a convenient, healthy, and low-calorie option.

However, each shake has different nutrient composition and proportions of protein, fat and carbs. You should be aware of the body’s needs while choosing a meal replacement shake. Here are some of the benefits a meal replacement shake can offer.

Avoid Unhealthy Meals

Meal replacement shakes are convenient and portable and help you to avoid eating processed foods, which is a common reason for being overweight. Preparing a healthy meal is a hectic task for some people, which becomes a big obstacle in their weight loss journey.

People eat convenient processed food without thinking much, but it derails their weight loss efforts. They contain high sugar, refined carbs, and artificial ingredients and don’t have enough nutrients. For weight loss, meals made from healthy and whole foods are good, but it is not practical with a busy schedule. A meal replacement is a healthier alternative to fast foods.

Provide Nutrition

Drinking a meal replacement shake is the same as eating a highly-nutritional meal. When a person cuts calories, it becomes difficult to intake all the necessary nutrients. Meal shakes can fulfill that nutrient gap caused by reduced calorie consumption. These shakes are a good source of protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Weight Loss Faster

In losing weight, calorie reduction is a prime goal. Eating a low-calorie diet can’t keep you full for longer, and soon you feel hungry. Maybe you end up eating more calories. Meal replacement shakes have all the nutrients the body needs to feel full for longer.

Several studies suggest replacing a couple of meals in a day with a meal replacement shake for weight loss can boost results.

Another study has found that meal replacement shakes offer better weight loss results in people with type 2 diabetes than conventional dieting. They are also good for weight maintenance after achieving weight loss results.

High in Protein

Every shake is not equal, but most meal replacement shakes are rich in protein, an important nutrient for weight loss. Protein takes time in digestion and keeps metabolism burning, that’s why these shakes hold you satiated and control overeating.

Moreover, a protein-rich diet has many other benefits, such as building and preserving muscles, reducing body fat, and improving body weight. Choose a shake that is high in protein but low in sugar.

Final Words

As we discussed, meal replacement shakes are a convenient meal alternative for complete nutrition. Some studies also claim meal replacement shake is an effective tool to reduce calorie intake and lose weight quickly. However, all shakes are not equal, be aware while choosing one for you. Prefer a high-protein but low-sugar meal replacement shake for better results.

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