Why MBA Degree is in Demand in New Zealand?

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New Zealand is a great nation! You’ve probably heard about it somewhere. So, how about doing an MBA in New Zealand? Why do so many students pick New Zealand for their MBA program? Now exploring it!

New Zealand has evolved over the last three decades into a resilient free market with an open economy. The government forecasts GDP growth of 2.6% in 2022 and 3.8% in 2024. MBA Jobs in New Zealand are an excellent chance for overseas students, as Forbes ranks the country as one of the world’s top five business countries.

Graduates can earn between 55,000 and 180,000 NZD per year in various levels of MBA positions in New Zealand. For students seeking to pursue an MBA degree in New Zealand, the country offers a three-year post-study opportunity to work in the country. If overseas students facing issues in writing MBA assignments, they can also take MBA assignment help from NZ online writing services.

Another aspect adding to the popularity of MBA in New Zealand is the inexpensive cost of education and less stringent admissions process for international students compared to popular study locations such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

This post has complete information on how to pursue MBA in New Zealand.

Why study MBA in New Zealand?

Here are seven reasons why you choose New Zealand to study for studying MBA. Check it out!

New Zealand has World-ranked Universities.

New Zealand is home to 3% of the world’s best universities. Considering that the country is small, the universities’ reputation is fairly impressive.

There are eight universities in New Zealand! This site will tell you about the most outstanding business schools in New Zealand!

Excellent education system

New Zealand ranks first in the world for student well-being. New Zealand ranked 11th in terms of educational quality in 2021. Furthermore, New Zealand is continually evolving to become a student-friendly country.

The employment rate is high for international students

In 2022, New Zealand’s employment rate will be about 70%. This covers international graduates working in New Zealand. Notably, the country is ranked seventh worldwide for the highest-performing graduates.

NZ promises affordable education.

When you compare New Zealand’s educational costs to those of other countries, you will notice that New Zealand is more affordable.

Explore course diversity 

With eight universities, New Zealand provides students with in-demand degrees and a diverse range of academic options.

Work part-time

You can work 20 hours per week part-time, just like in any other country. During academic breaks and other holidays, you can also work full-time.

Great quality of life

New Zealand provides a high-quality lifestyle for anyone who wants to live there. NZ is an ideal student destination due to its stable government, attractive terrain, good education, kind people, and many other factors.

Top Paying Universities for MBA Jobs in New Zealand

Numerous top-ranked universities in New Zealand provide MBAs, and graduates can build a name for themselves in the employment market. An MBA degree centered on competency-based experiential learning prepares students for the global market. Students with New Zealand qualifications are even welcomed in other Western and European nations and are offered competitive packages due to the high quality of education.

University Program Average Salary (NZD/year)
Victoria University of Wellington Executive MBA 136,000
The University of Otago MBA 111,600
University of Waikato MBA 84,250
Massey University MBA 83,600
The University of Canterbury MBA 77,200
AUT University MBA 72,000

The educational institutions provide instruction that provides individuals with cutting-edge skills, allowing them to obtain better, higher-paying MBA employment in New Zealand. A list of the top 07 such institutions is provided below.


Some top recruiters offering MBA employment in New Zealand included EY, Vodafone, ANZ Group, and others.

Popular Specializations for MBA Jobs in New Zealand

Top business schools in New Zealand that provide MBAs have many concentrations and specializations for overseas students. Students can choose from these fields, and each one leads to a distinct employment role, such as human resources, marketing, or finance. MBAs are classified into two types: general MBAs and MBAs with specializations, with the following primary areas of specialization:

  • HR Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Tourism Management
  • Finance Management

Aside from these concentrations, others are popular among students and job seekers, such as Health Care Management, Supply Chain Management, and Strategic Management, to name a few. Some core expertise in these areas may also be required to get high-paying MBA jobs in New Zealand.

How to Find MBA Jobs in New Zealand?

First and foremost, prepare yourself with the tools of job hunting. Prepare a good CV that includes all your skills and identify referees if an employer requests a couple. Examine the website and portals. Use your networking skills to find suitable jobs and apply with a cover letter explaining why you believe you are qualified and how your qualifications, skills, and attitude match the job.

Prepare for the interview before obtaining a job offer, and then attend an interview after receiving the request to be picked.

These are some standard processes that everyone knows and follows, but only a few successfully land their dream employment. The simple solution is the way you prepare and the effort you put in to achieve your goals.

  • Always look for work in the field in which you have expertise.
  • Pay close attention to the location, company, and surrounding environment of your future working location/destination.
  • Commuting and working hours should also be considered.
  • Attending career fairs, university placement programs, or networking events requires you to be clear about your personal and professional needs and to ask the right questions.
  • Finding a job is not difficult, but finding the proper one is a combination of science and art. You must be completely clear about your requirements and the offer that is being made to you.

Many Programs offer an internship option that allows students to learn about more than one business, their working environments, and the demands of a specific role or industry; all of this should be considered while looking for and finalizing a job.

Post-Graduation Work Permit for MBA Jobs in New Zealand (PGWP)

After completing an MBA in New Zealand, you can apply for a New Zealand Post Study Work Visa, which allows you to work for any firm for 1 to 3 years. There are no restrictions on the type of work you can do. This visa class also permits dependent spouses and children to obtain the visa.

Criteria for Eligibility:


  • The applicant must have completed an MBA degree in New Zealand.
  • The applicant must have a valid New Zealand study permit.
  • Before applying for the visa, the applicant must have completed 30 months of education in New Zealand.


Business professionals are always in demand as the global business industry expands. And MBA professionals are no different. MBA education prepares you to compete in today’s global business trends.

MBA is one of the most popular programs at universities in New Zealand. Have you considered studying MBA in New Zealand? This post will assist you!

MBA is a game changer for a student in New Zealand because it opens up a world of prospects for the graduate. The pay scales offered to freshers at specific organizations are comparable to those with ten years of experience in other professions. The job market also welcomes skilled foreign employees with open arms, and students believe that after completing an MBA in New Zealand, they will have a better and more secure future (Husted and Sinkovics, 2021).

Although it is a smaller nation than some of the developed countries—such as Australia, the US, and Canada—it offers its students and employees the same level of education, income, and facilities.

Talk to overseas education experts to get the best guidance for course selection, university selection, and student visas, and even get help on how to write MBA assignment quickly! (dissertationproposal, 2020)


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