Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

Why choose PEMF Therapy to heal your body in a much better way?

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The body is naturally programmed to repair itself and keep itself in balance when in contact with the earth’s frequencies. All living things, including humans, depend on the earth’s frequencies for their survival.

However, the electromagnetic fields (EMF) that we are exposed to every day through microwaves, laptops, screens, and other gadgets can have a detrimental effect on the body’s natural healing processes. This can lead to many side effects in the body, including poor cell generation, pain in various organs of the body, chronic fatigue syndrome, peripheral Neurotherapy, etc. 

This is where PEMF therapy comes into play!

What exactly is PEMF?

Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy, or PEMF, has therapeutic frequencies that are quite comparable to natural frequencies. It is a secure, non-invasive method of lowering inflammation and pain. Due to its health benefits, this therapy is currently preferred by millions of individuals worldwide. The iMRS Prime Expert, iMRS Prime Hybrid, Omnium1, and many more cutting-edge, customized devices are used in PEMF therapy.

Although there are many so-called high intensity PEMF devices available and approved by many regulatory organizations like the FDA, Health Canada, the European Union’s Health Agency, etc. But these can only be used by professionals in a clinical environment. You cannot use them at home as there is a risk of injury. 

This is why low-intensity PEMF devices, which typically range between 1 and 300 microteslas, are quite safe to use at home without the need for an on-site technician. They offer a wide range of clinical research demonstrating their superior supportive effectiveness. Modern low-pulsed PEMF systems have a microtesla range of 1 to 300, which is close to the intensity of the earth’s natural magnetic field. Your body can easily benefit from its healing frequency, which is 7.8 hertz. These low frequencies can heal muscles, bones, tendons, and other organs with the use of a PEMF machine or pad.

These electromagnetic pulses’ primary goal is to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes by promoting cell energy absorption.

How does Low Frequency PEMF help to heal your body?

Low-pulsed PEMF systems use natural-range carrier frequencies (0.1–30 Hz).

This ensures a high potential for resonance and, consequently, a much stronger reaction in the targeted area. Also, low frequencies do not have a strong thermal effect; the exposed tissue will not get warm or even hot. As a result, it is an excellent therapy to practice at home.

If you are looking for PEMF medical devices to regenerate your cells and heal your wounds, you must look for PEMF applications that are certified for home use.

By the most recent MDR rule (2017/745), it is encouraged to utilize authorized medical devices, such as the iMRS Prime and Omnium 1, that deliver frequencies in the ELF (extremely low frequency) range for use in medical PEMF applications at home for safety reasons. The two systems generate waveforms (squarewave and sawtooth) that, due to their physical properties, deliver not only a large number of single frequencies and their corresponding harmonics but also the quick rise and fall times required to initiate and maintain the desired resonance effects with the body’s cells.

Benefits of Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Using PEMF therapy has benefits beyond bone and wound healing, including the following:

  • stimulates bone-cartilage cell activity
  • reduces stress and has an immediate effect on epinephrine and norepinephrine
  • heals wounds and soothes discomfort
  • improves metabolic health improves circulation, increasing tissues oxygenation
  • improves melatonin synthesis and controls intestinal action
  • bolsters immune system
  • Reduce discomfort, swelling, and inflammation
  • encouraging healthy aging
  • Encourage cell rehabilitation and repair
  • Boost muscular performance
  • Detoxification must be painless and efficient.
  • Boost your energy and sleep.

Final Words

So now that you have complete information about using PEMF therapy to restore your cells and heal your overall well-being, why not put it into practice?

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