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Why are sustainable shoes the best footwear?

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In this modern and materialistic world, almost everyone has more than two pairs of shoes and sandals. Men use one shoe for a walk and one for the party and functions. Apart from this, there are also mens ethical shoes for formal events and occasions. The same goes for women as well as for little kids. There’s more room for customization for the little kids with their favourite cartoon characters and superheroes. The number of occasions equals the number of shoes. The demand for shoes never dies, the shoe market industry all over the world generates about 543.90 billion USD of revenue every year. Just imagine the number of shoes that get manufactured every year. The manufacturing technique harms nature. The use of new raw materials is also an incredible threat to our environment. The world is gradually shifting towards sustainable shoes that are much better for our nature.

What are Sustainable Shoes?

Sustainable shoes are shoes that are eco-friendlier than usual footwear. What is the exact difference between  and your daily footwear? The manufacturing technique of is more friendly to nature. Instead of using new raw materials every time,  are made of recyclable waste such as old shoes, tires, and old bottles of plastic.

Why your next shoes should be ‘Sustainable Shoes’?

i) Affordable:

The difference in cost between sustainable shoes and the usual footwear is nil. There’s also no difference in the comfort level of both shoes it is technically the same. Even these shoes are cheaper than designer shoes. You don’t have to conduct big rallies to save the environment just buy ‘Sustainable Shoes’.

ii) No compromise in comfort:

 One may think that changes in the raw materials while manufacturing will make shoes uncomfortable. Don’t cage yourself in a bubble of myth by believing such things. Sustainable shoe is like any other footwear. Although the way of manufacturing and the materials used in manufacturing are different there is no difference in the quality and comfort of these shoes.

iii) Easily disposable and recyclable

Recycling shoes is an easier way of making a difference in people’s lives. If you think you are done wearing your current shoe, you want to try something new. It’s better to donate the shoe to someone who needs it. If you find it hard to think of ways to dispose of the shoes, give them to a recycling company that will make the best out of the waste. Sustainable shoes are easy to dispose of since they are easily compostable and degradable.

Where to buy these?

All the top shoe brands of the world are following the trend and accepting the change. One can get sustainable shoes for men, women, and for kids as well. The core footwear companies have started selling these shoes and some new brands just focus on selling these sustainable shoes. The whole world is opting for change. Save the earth by purchasing these new shoes they are easily the of compostable and degradable

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