What kind of new car brands are popular in Dubai

What kind of new car brands are popular in Dubai?

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It is very common for all of you to know that Dubai is very famous for its luxury lifestyles and its residents are very crazy about having their cars. In this article, we will be illuminating to you the top 10 most popular cars in Dubai. Every new card brands first comes in Dubai and the new car price in UAE is very high.

According to an estimate, Dubai resident changes their cars after every 3 years. The need for a personal car in Dubai is very numerous, also for special purposes, personal use, or public transport. Some people own vehicles, as a sign of luxury. Many rich people select luxurious or sports cars in Dubai, but still, off-road Sports utility vehicle wheels roaming on the Dubai streets are much higher in numbersNew car price in UAE is continuously increasing in Dubai. Here is the list of the top 9 car brands in UAE according to the models, functionality, features, and latest technologies.


The most luxurious brand that is used by wealthy people like the prime minister and ruler of Dubai. They do not only offer high-class luxurious cars but sports cars as well. BMW brand is very famous among the new generation as they use modern technologies and speed. The X series in the BMW brand and M3 is the most sales out models. However, on the other hand, X5 is registered as the top seller vehicle in the UAE. It is valued because of its Turbo unleaded 1-6 that delivers high speed for its drivers. If sports cars are your main concern, then you can go for the BMW X5 series.


Mercedes Benz is one of the sellout car brands in Dubai. This brand well is known for its luxurious buses, trucks, and cars. Furthermore, the Mercedes C, E, and S series are the top-selling vehicles in UAE, Sharjah, and Ajman.  All credit goes to their good design interior and exterior and dignified appearance.

Mercedes care brand is always used by rich and wealthy people in UAE. In Dubai, they are always risking infant discoveries and improvements to every model. Moreover, Mercedes cars are a combination of comfort, durability, and the latest new technology.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Yes, it is also very surprising for us that the Toyota land cruiser is at the top of the list. Land cruiser is one of the longest-running model series of Toyota and It has been present since 1952 to date. It is full-size with Sport utility vehicle the design of a front-engine, and four-wheel drive. The trustworthiness and longevity of the Land Cruiser have led to his fame.

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is an inspiring ride and You can choose your way with it, either silent or roar. You can exactly control the volume of a Ford Mustang’s roar. It series comes with a 5.0L V8 engine giving you ideal performance and 460 powerful speed and 570 Nm rotation! Ford Mustang is one of the most popular car brands in the UAE.

Honda Accord

Honda accord is known for its quality cars. Honda Accord is amazing with its comfort and different options to suit your lifestyle. The latest variations of the Honda Accord are driven in with the latest tech to make your ride super good. The engine is fuel-competent and powerful and Honda Accord is one of the most selling out cars in UAE.


Nissan is one of the best-loved car brands in the UAE. The foreign person also prefers to hire Nissan from car Rental Car UAE companies in UAE because they use less fuel and provide longevity throughout the tours. They also offer modern wheels along with strength and reliability features so anyone can afford Nissan cars easily.


Lexus got very popular among the people of Dubai just after its release. It goals the ultra-luxury market like its parent company Toyota and it also has a jaw-dropping market share in Dubai. Although it is the youth company of Toyota, its designs are more luxurious as it is manufactured in that way.

Many people afford high prices easily because of the noticeable performance of Lexus on the road. It has a more potent engine, the best and most comfortable interior, a softer cabin, and more entertainment. You can also contact any Rent car company in UAE in order to book this car if your stay in Dubai is not too long.


Pajero also offers the best cars series and its features include road trips and that’s why it is used in Dubai. Mitsubishi Pajero is also one of the best cars you can buy for an off-road or desert trip. Also, it has the perfect combination of fuel efficiency city and off-road abilities that is perfect for desert land.

This car is famous for Dubai roads because of its huge boot space, soft cabin, and 4×4 drive features. Furthermore, it is including a 3.5-liter V6 engine, 17-inch steering wheel, power steering, central door locking, and much more. Many people buy new cars in Dubai.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry brand is the most loved brand in UAE. Camry is a joy to the eyes and offers comfort such as a home. The other features of the Toyota Camry beat every other competitor in this range of price. The most recent Toyota Camry variant comes with high-class advanced technology and compatibility with both Apple and Android. If you like to have fun while driving so, this car is for you.

Here is the list of the top 9 most popular cars in UAE. All these cars have marvelous features, good fuel economy, and a lot of valuable normal features. You can choose any of them according to your need, preference, and budget because new cars brand always first come in UAE.

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