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What is the best fence repair near me?

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Fence repair near me is a common question among homeowners. It is important to note that some fence repair projects can take longer than the standard one-day service time and require more work in preparation or finish work. For example, new posts may need an extra day to allow concrete to be set before being installed. Some services even offer estimates for projects with greater complexity like decks, composite fences, gates, and swing sets.

What is a fence repair?

Fence repairs can be defined as any service that fixes a component or component of your fence. There are several main types of fence repairs:

  1. Rails and Pickets | 2. Posts and Post Caps | 3. Gates | 4. Swing Sets

1. Rails and Picket Fence Repairs

Rails and pickets are the horizontal supports to a fence structure that separate each section of the fence from one other. Rail and pickets can be made of wood or metal and can be decorative or utilitarian. Pickets can either be plastic or wood depending on what type of fence material is chosen. Pickets are usually the most expensive part of a fence to fix as they are typically the only pieces that can be replaced if they break. Service chains, which hold the rails together, have a similar price point as pickets but are a little harder to replace.

2. Posts and Post Caps

Posts are the supports to the top of a fence that hold up the pickets. Post caps are decorative covers placed on the top of a post to hide exposed wood or metal.

3. Gates

Gates are usually one-piece structures that enclose entryways, but can also be used for walkways or protecting swimming pools from people’s shoes. There are two different types of gates: sliding gates and swinging gates.

Sliding gates are used at the entrances to the central portion of a fence and usually resemble a set of vertical sliding doors. They usually contain a bolt that slides across the horizontal track to keep them open.

Swinging gates are designed to be wide open as an extra security measure. These are often covered with decorative caps or ornate handles to give them an added appeal.

4. Swing Sets

Swing sets are found at the end of a section of fence where they play as both a decoration and an entertainment area. There are three main pieces that make up the swing set, including the swing beam, swing seat, and ladder. A swing set is typically made of wood or metal with a coating to give it a smooth finish.

Why get a fence repair?

Fence repair near me allows you to avoid costly replacements for entire sections of your fence. For example, if you had a large section of your fence break in the middle due to extreme weather, you may not be able to fix it all at once. Getting a smaller repair done sooner can save money elsewhere in maintaining your fence. Additionally, some repairs are things that many homeowners have to experience regardless of what type or brand of fence they have; for example, new posts or pickets can potentially break and fall off (to say nothing about the aesthetic looks of a broken picket).

What companies offer fence repair?

There are many fencing companies in the United States and Canada that offer fence repair services. In some cases, a company provides additional services beyond repairing fences. For example, if you need a deck or composite repairs, they may also be able to handle those projects as well. Look for companies that offer work for your specific type of fence material and you may also have an opportunity to customize the guardrail (for example, shorter or higher).

Do I need a permit for fence repairs?

Fence repair near me does not require a permit in most cases. They also save on the ones that are available, as they don’t involve the need for tearing down and rebuilding entire sections of a fence. The only time permit that might be necessary is if you add an entirely new section to your fence such as a gate or swing set. Otherwise, getting the repair will be significantly cheaper than replacing your entire fence.

What is a good price for fence repair near me?

The average price for fence repair near me depends on many factors. The cost of your fence, the type of repair that you need, and where you live in the country (and state) can all have an effect on the average cost of repairs. A company with more experience with your type of fence may be able to complete repairs faster or with fewer issues than a new company or one unfamiliar with your brand.

Benefits of fence repair

There are several benefits to fixing your fences instead of replacing them. Many repairs are a cheaper alternative to replacing parts of your fence and can be completed with a single trip. For example, if you have one wooden picket break then get it replaced, but if you have several broken sections of your pickets, then get the entire section repaired at once. Then you only need to replace all the damaged pickets when you replace the entire section.

1..It’s cheaper

The repairs are generally less expensive than complete replacements. Drawings and estimates are available on most services to help you determine the price you can expect and the amount that you will save. So, when it comes to repairs, getting what you pay for is much easier.

2..They’re a lot faster

If a contractor has to order parts from their manufacturer, they will take longer to get your fence parts installed. You need to be prepared for that time to occur, but it’s a lot quicker when you get the details made locally.

3. They’re a lot cleaner

Repairs can be done in a few days versus weeks, so you don’t have to suffer through the smell of wood and metal while they’re sitting next to you.

4. You can just clean up

Since there is no demolition involved, the only things that need to be cleaned are the fence’s railings. Since they’re not made of wood or metal, they can be cleaned with soap and water.

5. They look as good as new

If your fence is missing a few pickets or posts then you know how easy it is to lose the attractiveness of your fence due to exposed wood. This can make your fence look like it needs repair even if it just needs pickets.

6. It’s cheaper than a complete replacement

If you decide that you need a new fence then it is the priciest option. Repairs are certainly less expensive than replacing everything but they are not that much cheaper.


Fence repairs are a more cost-effective way to get your fence looking good again. Many of these services are available in areas near you and won’t take long to complete. Even if you decide that you need a new fence, you can still get repairs done on the old one for less money or use the repaired fence as an extension for your new one. Be sure to schedule an appointment for repair as soon as possible.

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