What Information Does a Mobile Payment Gateway Maintain?

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Nowadays, in-app payments are available in practically all apps. Why? BCustomers appreciate how simple it is to make purchases without having to log into their bank accounts or provide their credit card information.

However, while the majority of us are familiar with how to use an application for payments, few of us are probably knowledgeable with the technical details of these apps or what is necessary to incorporate them.

Do you ask yourself that same question? You’ve found the right place since we’ll cover integrating a Stc Pay payment gateway to an application in this post and why you should.

What is a mobile payment gateway?

Buyers and sellers can accept online payments for deals completed through an app thanks to mobile payment gateways. The gateway receives, processes, encrypts, validates, and transfers transaction records from the client to the merchant. The payment gateway software serves as a middleman for money transfers between businesses and consumers.

The general flow of the payment process is as follows:

An online shopper selects the item they wish to buy and adds it to the shopping basket.

The consumer selects their preferred payment option during the checkout, such as a bank app code or credit card. After that, customers are led to a gateway website, such as PayTabs.

The Stc Pay gateway sends the bank the user-added information.

The issuing bank verifies the transaction’s validity and confirms that the buyer has sufficient funds to support the transaction.

If the authentication is complete, the payment confirmation is returned to the app through a payment gateway.

The seller then learns that an order was made and paid for.

The gateway will initiate a payment settlement, and the merchant then observes the funds in his account.

Given that the transaction just takes a few seconds, even though it may seem like a drawn-out and difficult process, is it unexpected that fewer people are using real money or banknotes? In the Asia-Pacific region, just 9% of people used physical cash in 2019, and by 2024, that number is expected to fall to 1.6%.

What benefits are provided by mobile payment gateways?

If you already have a mobile application or want to create one, you are definitely aware of the severe market rivalry and the difficulties in maintaining consumers. Another can rapidly overtake your app if you don’t stay on top of the most recent developments in the market. In the Asia-Pacific area, where they are presently the most used form of payment, it is predicted that by 2024, mobile wallet usage will represent 47.9% of all POS transactions. Mobile payments are one of these advances.

But why are they worth so much? Mobile transactions are tremendously convenient, to start with. Customers can make purchases from a distance without having to carry currency or worry about finding change.

For businesses, this translates to Increased consumer satisfaction brought on by a payment process that is considerably more convenient and the availability of products and services around-the-clock.

Increased customer loyalty and retention as customers are pleased with their shopping.

Digital wallets also offer additional biometric identification layers, like fingerprint or facial recognition scanning, to help businesses ensure that payments are legitimate.

A chance to expand your company internationally since payment gateways make it possible for customers worldwide to purchase your goods or services.

The fact that payment gateways lower the risk of fraud must pique your interest as a company owner:

The whole number is encrypted and transferred from the user’s card to the payment gateway, so only the person and their issuing bank have access to it.

A payment gateway must comply with specific security requirements in order to be consistent with PCI DSS rules and guarantee the security of your customers’ card information.

Card services provide the 3-D Secure additional security mechanism for each card a customer uses to make an online transaction, which calls for the use of a one-time password.


The final advantage is that including PayTabs can greatly increase your revenue. You must establish a payment gateway if you want a piece of that enormous revenue. You can also read about how to refund money from stc pay.

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