What Do You Need to Know to Create an App Like Quora?

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Never before has it been so simple to share knowledge. There are many users of apps like quora, where users can submit their questions, and others from various walks of life may respond, share their experiences, and provide their views.    

Quora is often one of the top results when you attempt to search for a specific topic on Google. When you click the link, a web page with answers to a similar case from many individuals who are knowledgeable about the subject or have strong views about it will open.

It establishes a community where others with similar interests may interact, learn, and express their ideas. People may interact with experts or hire android developer in India with various industries to have their questions answered by creating an app similar to Quora. By asking the correct people, anybody interested in learning more may close the knowledge gap between individuals. Before moving on, let’s talk about the Quora app.

How Does the Quora App Work?

The Quora app is a well-known worldwide forum for asking questions and receiving responses. Being a member of Quora is easy. Sign up for it and respond to the questions that interest you. Get started. This is a self-moderated software where you may up-vote the responses and down-vote the subpar ones.

Is There Any Quora-Like App?

Yahoo Answers are a well-known alternative to Quora. It’s not the same software as Quora, but you can join up for free, and it has a point system where you get points for answering questions from other users. You will be able to ask and respond to more questions each day as a result.

Some Features Your App Should Have, according to Quora

One of the main drivers of Quora’s success is the ability to ask and answer questions on a multitude of subjects on a single platform. People may learn about new topics that they might be interested in, contribute their thoughts and experiences, and learn about the opinions and experiences of others.

In January 2019, Quora had over 630 million users and produced almost 1.3 billion page views. Nearly 20% of visitors came straight from Quora’s mobile application, and this percentage is steadily rising.

  • Across Platforms and Devices           

People often switch between various devices. Therefore, the application must be available on all of them, including laptops, PCs, and smartphones. Due to the differences in these devices’ sizes, the application may need a modified page layout.

  • Credibility and Real Names

Per policy, real names must be used while establishing an account on Quora. This gives the performance, as well as the user’s blogs and responses, more legitimacy, in contrast to other applications and platforms where actual identities are substituted for pseudonyms.

Depending on the questions they are addressing, the user may also include several additional credible sources. It distinguishes their responses and demonstrates to other viewers that they are genuine. 

  • Content Control

Quora required a strict content filtering policy since one of its key goals was to provide high-quality information to all of its users. The viewers are included in the content moderation policy since the staff cannot regulate all of the material, mainly owing to its enormous quantity. The replies are subject to recommendations and edits from the audience, which the writers will see. The writers then have the option of accepting or rejecting those recommendations.

Additionally, viewers have the option of factually wrong reporting answers, plagiarizing, spamming, or otherwise do not adhere to Quora’s standards for replying. In addition to the straightforward like/dislike and up-vote/down-vote choices, you can ensure the quality of the information and that it will always be current by requesting the app development firms to incorporate these comprehensive features in your app.

  • Answer Suggestions

One of the critical elements determining the app’s success is engaging the audience and keeping them interested. The audience is involved through a variety of techniques via the Quora app. In order to provide consumers with a more individualized experience, some of the most helpful techniques include selecting pertinent and related questions depending on their preferences.

  • Top Writers Initiative

The Quora app is built on content. Thus more and more people must contribute to producing high-quality material. In order to get more people to contribute, Quora developed a system to recognize the best authors in November 2012.

The Quora team recognizes a select group of the best authors each year, awarding them a prize and a top writer badge. The principal contributors to this Question Answer app are selected based on the viewers’ engagement with their responses over time and the ratio of views to up-votes.

  • Simple Searches

Quora features an in-application search engine, even though more than 75% of visitors come from organic searches on search engines. Users may use this to search through different questions and subjects on the platform when they want to learn how to create an app similar to Quora, which will improve the number of page views and the amount of time users spend using the app.


Top Additional Features to Include in a Quora-like App

You may request the following additional features from your app development company:

  • Social Media API
  • Cloud Storage
  • Content Management System


Create a community of eager individuals to learn new things and share their expertise after you have learned how to design an app similar to Quora. Quora started by carving out a niche in one industry where the Quora app team provided the questions and answers. Later, after establishing a sizable viewership, they broadened their scope to include more subjects. You may attract devoted users to your app by adopting this strategy.

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