What Are The Top 10 Restaurants in Lahore

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Lahore is a fun-filled and lively city in Pakistan. From savoury payee to BBQ to Karahi, Lahore is stuffed with desi as well as plenty of other cuisines that can be found in any of the top 10 restaurants in Lahore. This city will dive you on a food journey that is unforgettable. With tons of other things to do in this city, you need to try out the exciting dishes at various restaurants. For you to indulge in culinary zeal, we have selected the top 10 restaurants that you need to try out. Let’s begin this journey.

Al-Khan Restaurant

What makes Al-Khan among the top 10 restaurants in Lahore is its extremely tasty food, exquisite ambience, and reasonable prices for all. At this restaurant, you will find cooperative and dedicated staff that does not concede in assisting you. This restaurant is a must-try for all of its cuisines. Some of their incredible dishes that you can try are prawn chowmein, chicken or mutton BBQ, and mandi platter.

Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant

Yum Chinese and Thai restaurant serves original Thai and Chinese food amidst a traditional Southeast Asian theme. It is an ideal place to enjoy all the delicious dishes if you’re a Chinese food lover. The place has it all. From delicious appetizers from Chinese and Thai cuisines to humble staff, you are guaranteed to spend quality time at this restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its shiny tender lobster, chicken in oyster sauce, prawn in hot sauce, and Kung Pao fish.


Ziafat is known to serve a huge variety of desi food items. This buffet restaurant holds more than 20 years of culinary experience. It is the perfect place for people who love to try out local foods and buffets. The restaurant is cumulative of beautiful décor and calming atmosphere. For birthday parties and family dinners, it can be your go-to place. 

Café Aylanto

Café Aylanto makes it to the list of high-end restaurants in Lahore. Following a hectic day, the restaurant provides cozy vibes and a soothing ambience for you to relax. Their menu is a fusion of Mediterranean and traditional dishes. People love their cordon bleu, chicken avocado sandwich, flame-grilled tenderloin, and beef steak. For a fine dining experience, this restaurant must be on your list.

The Brasserie

The Brasserie provides an unforgettable dining experience since it is a combination of delicious food and a super cool environment. The restaurant is very spacious and can accommodate many people for gatherings. Also, you can get new and unique dishes at this restaurant like Margherita Pizza, Prawn with Linguini and three cheese chicken. 

Urban Kitchen

Firstly, Urban Kitchen has a jaw-dropping entrance with its beautifully designed interior. It has an edgy aesthetic, with modern art hanging from the tin walls. Also, they have displayed modern neon signs accompanied by trendy art pieces. And of course, the taste of their food is unquestionable. Their delicacies include chicken parmesan, Arabian chicken and rice, and beef basil. 

Arcadian café

Arcadian café has numerous branches in Lahore and is known to serve flavorful continental dishes and desserts. The steaks offered at this restaurant are unrivalled. Along with steaks and other delicious cuisines, it also serves Chinese food to its prestigious customers. Among many of their must-try items, we love its Napoleon chicken.

Cosa Nostra

To tantalize your taste buds with yummy Italian food, make your reservations at Cosa Nostra. It offers an extravagant ambience with an extensive menu providing you with tons of options to choose from. Not only their main courses but also the dessert options are massive. Dining in Cosa Nostra provides the Italian experience that you are craving. 

Andaaz Restaurant

Andaaz restaurant offers a range of Pakistani cuisine food items as well as different other cuisines. You can enjoy their BBQ, Pakistani dishes, Punjabi foods, and some tasty sweets and desserts. Moreover, you can enjoy mesmerizing views of the grand Badshahi Masjid courtyard. At night time, the restaurant shows some magical views. From its rooftop, you can indulge in palatable meals along with views of Lahore Fort and Minar-e-Pakistan. Do take your camera with you to capture amazing moments.

Rina’s kitchenette

Rina’s kitchenette is the most-visited restaurant in DHA Lahore. The cozy and comfortable environment along with mouth-watering foods makes it one of the best eateries in Lahore. Do try out their chicken schnitzel, smash burger, three cheese cannelloni, and oriental bowl.


On the list of the best restaurants, Al-Khan restaurant makes it to the top 10 restaurants in Lahore. With a beautiful ambience, it provides a variety of cuisines and provides food choices for kids, teens, and adults. We must add that the prices are economical and you definitely need to try out this restaurant.

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