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What are the Benefits of e-Invoice for Processes in the RCM Healthcare Sector?

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If you are in the RCM Healthcare sector and you are a company that issues invoices to SGK, you can manage your transactions such as payment and collection in the fastest and most efficient way possible by transferring all your invoice processes to the electronic environment with the electronic invoice application.

You can run your electronic invoicing process through the GİB Portal or with the integration method, or you can make this process much easier and more practical for your company with private integrators. With the e-Invoice system, you can receive your payments faster and turn your receivables into cash quickly. In addition, thanks to the electronic archive, you can find the invoice you are looking for in seconds.

What is in the Medical Billing Communique

According to the amendment made in the Communiqué No. 509 of the Tax Procedure Law, all taxpayers who supply RCM Healthcare service providers and medical supplies, drugs or active substances have to switch to the e-Invoice application.

The taxpayers mentioned are as follows:

  • Hospitals, medical centers, branch centers,
  • Dialysis centers
  • Other specialized treatment centers licensed by the Ministry of Health,
  • Diagnosis, examination, and imaging centers,
  • Laboratories,
  • Pharmacy, medical device, and material suppliers,
  • Opticians,
  • Hearing Centre,
  • hot springs,

Private law legal entities offering and/or producing medicinal products for human use and their unincorporated branches,

Pharmaceutical warehouses.

According to the new communiqué published, health service providers and all taxpayers who supply medical supplies and pharmaceuticals or active raw materials must switch to the e-Invoice application regardless of their gross sales revenue.

What are the Benefits of the Contactlessness of e-Invoice in the Health Sector?

With the necessity of switching to electronic invoices, which is expected to take place in the medical field, the process of preparing physical documents that circulate from hand to hand and which is more likely to come into contact with is eliminated. Considering that hundreds or even thousands of patients come to hospitals every day and files are opened for each of them, it can be estimated how much the hospitals need archive space. However, thanks to the electronic invoice system, the shift of accounting transactions to the digital area and the disappearance of the physical archive are needed in this area is one of the factors that reduce the burden on hospitals as much as possible.

It has been demonstrated, especially with the Covid-19 outbreak, that minimizing physical contact creates a hygienically healthier environment. Nowadays, when it is very important to reduce the contact as much as possible, the sensitivity of the health sector is increasing even more. Considering the fact that contactlessness minimizes the risks on health, it can be seen that the transition to the electronic invoice system is a very reasonable practice in this sector.

Easy Integration of ego into Hospital Software

If you prefer to carry out your e-Invoice transactions with the special integrator method, you can take a look at the e-Invoice solution created by eLogo for the RCM Healthcare sector.

With the electronic invoice application offered by eLogo, you can start using all of your company’s processes immediately, with features such as cost savings, fast and efficient process management, easy access to documents, as well as easy integration; You can easily integrate the application into your company’s existing software. It has been clearly seen that the ease of integration provided by the companies using logo software and the electronic invoice processes of the companies using this software has become much more practical. With the solutions offered by eLogo with hospital software, many leading healthcare institutions have preferred to work with eLogo even if they are not legally obliged to do so.

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