What Are Cheap Custom Mailer Boxes, Exactly?

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Businesses often make use of personalized Cheap custom mailer boxes when sending out orders to clients. Products ordered online are often packaged in specially designed boxes bearing the company’s logo. These boxes are commonly used for online shopping deliveries, subscription services, marketing materials, and holiday gift giving.

In the e-commerce industry, these inexpensive Cheap Custom Mailer Boxes are most commonly used for product subscription services. We have the most reasonably priced custom mailer boxes .Because we do not require a minimum order and sell at wholesale. The following sectors make frequent use of our packaging:

Makeup, cosmetics, and all things related to beauty

Delivery of groceries

Miniature home appliances and electronic equipment

Pets and animals

Custom-made mailer boxes

Top-notch Custom Mail Boxes at Rock-bottom Prices

You can make your boxes out of either white or brown paper, respectively. Both variants produced from sturdy 1/16″ corrugated cardboard and can altered in any way the customer sees fit. These wholesale Cheap custom mailer boxes may purchased for pennies on the dollar, but the sturdy construction ensures that your goods will survive the rigors of shipping and delivery without a scratch. The white cardboard we use has a matte texture, making it a great choice for designs with a lot of color, such as store logos for product purchases or art-themed subscription boxes.

When a company or organization wants to convey the idea that they are natural or environmentally conscious. Using Brown Kraft as their preferred packaging material is a good way to do that. Although the Kraft material allows for complete customization. The natural brown outside may cause the design to appear darker than it would if it  made of white cardboard due to the fact that the surface is brown.

Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Components

These sturdy mailers made with 1/16″ corrugated cardboard, so they will last a long time and won’t harm the environment while transporting your company’s products to customers. The white and Kraft Custom Mailing Boxes are made from biodegradable corrugated cardboard, making them completely recyclable and environmentally friendly. The sturdy corrugation will keep your nestled goods safe. While the exterior of the box can feature your logo or design.Both stock and custom sizes are available.

There is a selection of sizes available for our custom mailing boxes. Each and every one of the box sizes that we stock offered in both white and Kraft box options. Do not be hesitant to ask a member of our sales team for assistance if you are unsure whether sizes are appropriate for the things that you are purchasing. Because you do not know which sizes are appropriate. Our custom mailer boxes can made in a variety of sizes. But the one with the smallest dimensions  inches by 4 inches by 2 inches. These one-of-a-kind mailers come in the ideal dimensions for sending fabric swatches or recipe test batches through the mail. We strongly suggest that you use the larger box that is 15 inches by 10 inches by 4 inches when you are mailing an order of designer clothes such as dresses, shirts, or jeans.

Full-Color Cheap Custom Mailer Boxes

A tried-and-true strategy for attracting new customers is to display your company’s name, logo, or a distinctive design in brilliant full color. This is an effective way to stand out from the competition. The text and graphics that printed on our mailer boxes take advantage of being digitally printed with inks that resistant to UV light. Which results in colors that vivid and true to life.

Because of the KALMYK printing method that utilized for all Cheap custom mailer boxes, you have complete creative freedom when it comes to designing the outside of the box and can use any number of colors that you like. Because of this, there is a lot of room for creative expression.Whether or not a customer buys from you again after their initial purchase depends on how well you handle the unwrapping process.

You can tell a lot about the quality of a product and how much the buyer will value it just by looking at its packaging. Consumers’ anticipation levels rise when they receive a mailer that looks and feels like something out of a storybook. Brand recognition and loyalty can improved through a satisfying unboxing experience.  If you are interested in Customized Boxes, read more


Shipping with individualized mailer boxes has become increasingly popular in tandem with the rise of e-commerce. Sending out orders from your online business in these custom-printed mailer boxes can help keep your brand in the minds of your customers.

Do you require a specific measurement?Get in touch with us by calling our toll-free number. Get in touch with our helpful support staff to get all the details you need. ncluding the precise dimensions of our Cheap custom mailer boxes.


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