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Creative Ways to Uplift Eyeshadow Boxes on Social Media

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Social networking is a potent tool for all sizes of brands and companies. It can facilitate communication with your target market, increase website traffic, and even provide leads. But promoting eyeshadow kits on social media is one of the best uses of this platform in particular. engages with your target market, increases website traffic, and even produces leads. But promoting makeup kits on social media is one of the best uses of this platform. They are vibrant and distinctive, and frequently exude prestige (a quality many people crave). Therefore, you can demonstrate to your followers that you care about your products and that you value their feedback by presenting eyeshadows in a positive light and giving them a little personality.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

You probably already know that there are endless ways to wear eyeshadow if you’re like most makeup artists. Why not post a makeup tutorial on social media to show off your skills and preferred shadows? Here are some suggestions to aid you in that:

  • Pick a fun color scheme. If you’re going for a classic look, go with neutrals or blacks. But if you want something more flashy and fun, go with brighter colors
  • Think outside the box. Don’t just do traditional eye looks with your shadows; mix it up and try something new. You might love the result.
  • Play up the shimmers and glittery shades. They’ll pop against the neutrals and blacks in your palette.
  • Use textured shadow brushes for a more lived-in look. This will assist in incorporating more of the shadow into the crease and corner of your eyelid for a deeper color payoff (plus, it will make applying them much easier!).
  • Experiment with light layers as well as heavier ones to create endless possibilities for looks (tip: use a light hand when blending so that the shadow remains sheer).

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Run social media contests

Running a contest on social media is one method to advertise eyeshadow boxes. Users will be able to participate in the drawing for the prized package in this way. You can distribute a variety of boxes from GoCustomBoxes to attract the maximum attention of the audience, including travel-sized and limited-edition models. You may get more people to look at your page and even buy your stuff by holding a contest. It’s also entertaining and interesting for your fans.

Custom Eyeshadow Boxes
Custom Eyeshadow Boxes

Run public awareness campaigns

When it comes to makeup, no one wants to feel like they’re wearing a costume. And that’s why a lot of people love eye shadow boxes: they can put together an individualized look without having to use a lot of products. But how do you make your eye shadow box suitable for social media?

You can take a few steps to ensure that your eyeshadow box looks its best on social media. First, make sure the font size is big enough for people to readily read it. The box shouldn’t take up too much room on someone’s feed, thus you should choose light colors. Last but not least, make sure to include some intriguing images or videos demonstrating how customers have used your items. People will want to follow you if you do it this way just to see the fresh looks you come up with.

Working with Social Algorithms

There are many methods to use social media platforms’ social algorithms to improve eyeshadow kits. The use of hashtags is one strategy. People searching for products with similar keywords may be able to find your eyeshadow box with the use of hashtags. For instance, adding the hashtag “#amazingpalette” would make it easier for consumers to find your goods on social media if you were selling an eyeshadow palette with 10 hues. Posting pictures of your eyeshadows in use or close-ups of the hues in your palette is another approach to manipulating social media algorithms. This will demonstrate to visitors how lovely and brilliant the colors are when applied.

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Create shareable content

Eyeshadow boxes are a necessity for those who adore makeup. They are simple to personalize and provide any outfit a splash of color. How can they be made even more shareable, though? Here are some inventive methods to market your eyeshadow subscription boxes on social media:

  • Use matching colors.
    Utilizing complementary colors is one simple approach to increase the shareability of your makeup box. In addition to looking prettier, it will also make it simpler for others to find the hue they’re looking for. Additionally, you’ll save some time as you won’t have to look through a variety of tints.
  • Add text or images.
    Including words or photographs in your eyeshadow box is another way to jazz it up. If you want to explain how to use the product or just want to express your artistic side, this can be useful. This method can also be used to produce a distinctive appearance that is impossible to achieve with simple eyeshadow.
  • Use fun shapes.
    Try out some unique shapes if you’re feeling inspired. This can give your eyeshadow box an additional layer of intrigue and excitement that may appeal to some individuals more than simply plain old shadows. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you could also employ this strategy.

Make a Contribution to Your Community

There are so many ways to uplift eyeshadow boxes on social media! Here are a few creative ideas:

  1. Use #eyeshadowbox to identify eyeshadow brands in your cosmetic tutorials and images. This will make it easier for other writers and viewers to find and share your posts with their audiences.
  2. On social media, post images of your finished makeup boxes. This will not only demonstrate your abilities but also serve as inspiration for other beauty enthusiast efforts.
  3. Write blog entries on how to assemble eyeshadow boxes or how to employ particular colors in themed makeup boxes. This can assist drive more visitors to your website and inform more people about the cosmetics you enjoy using.
  4. Publish your original eye shadowbox designs online or print them out to use as gift tags, party favors, or invitations. This will give your favorite goods a little extra flair and encourage users to be enthusiastic about using them.


There are many inventive and enjoyable solutions accessible if you’re looking for ways to promote your eyeshadow box on social media. There is bound to be a style that will perfectly complement your brand and attitude, from using amusing animal faces to deftly combining hashtags. Who doesn’t enjoy a little Instagram comedy, too? So use your imagination and start spreading the word about your eyeshadows to increase sales.

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