Vladimir Putin: What a Russian Expert Says About his Health

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The Russian expert assures that Vladimir Putin is still alive thanks to cancer treatments.

Vladimir Putin has serious health problems and doctors estimate that he is in his last year in power. According to the Daily Mail, citing a Russian expert who spoke to Ukrainian media, doctors used the latest Western treatments to treat cancer and prevent its spread.

“I can say that without this Western deal I certainly would not have been in power in Russia at the moment,” said Russian historian and political analyst Valery Solovey. He is a former professor at the prestigious Moscow Institute of International Relations [MGIMO], a training school for spies and diplomats, who have long claimed inside knowledge of Putin’s health.

“They Almost Cured Him.”

“That’s absolutely safe. He uses the most advanced treatments, [and] the targeted therapy that Russia can’t provide… I would say the treatment has been very successful.

It has been largely healed. “The end is already in sight,” Solovey noted, even according to the doctors supervising the treatment, because no drug can be infinitely successful.

Putin’s Health

Valery Solovey did not say where the “non-Russian doctors” allegedly treating Vladimir Putin came from, but they are “trusted” by the Kremlin leader, and treatment is supervised by senior Moscow doctors, he said. There have previously been allegations that he relied on life-saving drugs prescribed by Israeli doctors and purchased in Israel.

“Putin clearly has problems with movement, in his feet, which many have noticed,” Solovey told Ukraine’s Odesa Film Studio YouTube channel. Parkinson’s disease “He has very serious medical problems,” Solovey said.

“The most dangerous of these are tumors. So far it is kept ‘afloat’ by the way non-Russian doctors administer treatment. The treatment strategy and tactics are determined by doctors outside Russia. They are the doctors who operated on him in February 2020, immediately after he was diagnosed. With Russia embroiled in a Putin-led war, his alleged condition and treatment “have a direct relationship to his perception of the situation and the appropriateness of his taking of decisions”.

Putin’s Possible Successors

Vladimir Putin’s plan, when he can go no further, is to hand over power to little-known Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev, 45, the son of his powerful and trusted security adviser Nikolai Patrushev, 71, who it is staunchly anti-western. The former head of the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the main architect of the war in Ukraine.

Another potential successor is Alexei Dyumin, 50, a former Putin bodyguard and former deputy defense minister, whom he met on Friday (12/23) when they visited a major arms factory in the Tula region, where he currently serves as governor.

Putin’s Last Year in Power is 2023

The Russian elite is sure that Dmitry Patrushev will take over the succession, so they have not yet tried to speed up the process. “They expect power to pass into their hands anyway, as a result of a legitimate transition,” Solovey said. He will fall to the Patrushev faction of Dmitry Patrushev, but in theory, there is a chance that they will “stimulate” this process.

Solovey told the Russian opposition YouTube channel Khodorkovsky Live that 2023 would be Putin’s last year at the helm of Russia. “Yes, it will be,” he pointed out and continued: “Besides, it could happen already in the spring, if he doesn’t leave voluntarily, others will act.” “Putin now has the last chance for him,” he said. “If he doesn’t take advantage of it, the elites will not only walk away from him forever, but they’ll spring into action.” Those from whom Putin “receives support” will act against him. “If we talk about a successor, then he is only one person, and that is Dmitry Patrushev,” he said.

Solovey noted that the cancellation of a trip to Nizhny Tagil last week, to visit a major tank factory, “may be related to health issues” or security concerns. “Normally when flights are canceled two factors come into play: health and safety issues. I don’t know which prevailed in this case.” For More Info: Smoothies News

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