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Things to consider before scrapping your junk car

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Are you planning to scrap your junk car? If yes, then follow these tips to get high value for your old car.

Preparing a used automobile for sale in the same way you would a house for sale by performing some spring cleaning is sure to pay off. We surveyed several top-tier used-car professionals to compile this list of six strategies for optimizing the sale price of a pre-owned vehicle, whether you want to sell it privately or to a dealership.

6 ways to get a high price for your scrap car

 Clean It Up

Initial impressions are crucial. The more money you earn for your car depends on how clean and shiny it is. The more presentable a vehicle is, the more likely a dealer is to envision it on their lot, according to an expert at auto appraisal service Glass’s. Professional valeting can raise the value of your home by as much as three times what you put into it.

Take care of any dents or dings that aren’t too big, and

Any potential buyer, but especially a dealer, of a used vehicle will inspect it thoroughly for damage before making a purchase. Then they’ll start bargaining down from the original price they were considering paying for the car. According to CAP, an automobile appraisal firm, “if you’re selling a car for £2,000 it’s probably not worth investing £100 on SMART” (Small and Medium Area Repair Technology) repairs. It’s a good investment if you can get £8,000 to $9,000. In my opinion, SMART repairs will usually be cost-effective.

Sort out the documents

Sincere buyers of a used vehicle are interested in learning about its maintenance history. In this regard, it is important to keep the service book and insist that garages use it even if you no longer have your vehicle serviced by the original manufacturer’s authorized service facility. Don’t forget to hang on to those old MOT certifications and the corresponding invoices.

Get it fixed.

Taking a used automobile in for maintenance can feel like venturing into uncharted territory for a buyer. If your car’s service and MOT are coming up soon, getting them done before selling it will help you get more money.

Look for factory-installed equipment.

Do you recall the last time you took out the parcel shelf and hid it in the garage in preparation for a trip to the dump? Do some digging and you’ll eventually find it. Glass’s expert: “Anyone who knows what they’re talking about will want original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components, such the trunk shelf, tool kit, and spare tire.”
Unlock the door, and then look for the backup key. If you throw in all this extra stuff with your automobile, they have less of an excuse not to buy it. A dealer will keep chipping away at you and lowering the price until you give in if you don’t have them.

Upgrade it the right way

What we’re talking about isn’t a set of “go faster” stripes and a new car smell. Do it right if you care about the value of your car and its aesthetic appeal. Invest in OEM components, like alloy wheels, rather than aftermarket replacements to increase your car’s resale value.



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