The Top Five Elements of Hip Hop Dance

The Top Five Elements of Hip Hop Dance

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Hip-hop dance is a unique form that depends on these 5 fundamental elements. Therefore, the five components of hip-hop dance are another name for these pillars. There is no denying that hip-hop dancing is one of the most well-liked and, arguably, the most sought-after western dance forms worldwide when it comes to dancing styles. Hip-hop can be described as a dance where the steps have a bounce and a rock and are all executed to hip-hop music. Today, hip-hop dance is very popular worldwide, people are interested to join hip hop classes to learn this dance form.


Deejaying is one of hip-hop dance’s fundamental, if not the most crucial, components. It was established in the 1970s, and percussive noises and creative, funky breaks are a strong foundation for the activity. Young and gifted individuals who can make new music by utilizing previously recorded songs, music, sounds, etc., are known as deejays.

Deejaying, this kind of music production, referred to as turntabling, uses DJ mixers and record players to create music in real time. In the hip-hop scene, DJs are in charge of selecting and providing the music that gets people dancing at events.

Deejaying has changed drastically. Laptops and CDs have taken the role of ones and twos. Nevertheless, due to the brilliance of Herc, Flash, Theodore, and countless others, DJs remain essential to hip-hop parties worldwide.


The term “emceeing,” which is short for “master of ceremonies,” originated from Jamaica because that country was the first to grant rappers the MC moniker. An MC, specifically, is the most noticeable person in hip-hop culture. They are in charge of entrancing the audience with the fast-paced rhythmic delivery of rhymes, maintaining time with the background music, and giving the dancers a stage to perform. It can take considerable practice to become proficient at encapsulating the true meaning of rhymes and coordinating those words with the musical beats in this widely practiced art form. It is good when you join hip-hop dance classes and practice in a group because there you can meet new people, make friends, and learn together. Most hip-hop events are upbeat and energizing.


Shaka Zulu Kings, Zulu Queens, and the Rock Steady Crew were the beginning bands of it all. Breakdancing, also called B-Boying or B-Girling, was created by these dancers. Breakdance incorporates acrobatics, gymnastics, Capoeira, martial arts, and various ethnic dances. It is sometimes referred to as “poetry in action.”


Graffiti has been and still is regarded by many as “vandalism,” making it the most divisive of all the aspects. Artists’ “tags,” or artistically crafted spray-painted signatures, denote it on walls, trash cans, and other public objects. Today, legal graffiti has developed into large, gorgeous, colorful illustrations covering walls and entire sides of buildings in various regions of Toronto, Montreal, and other big cities.


Locking is a movement technique invented by Don Campbell in Los Angeles and popularized by his group, The Lockers. It entails a succession of fast motions, each followed by “locking” into a different position, which is then held briefly.

While the arms and hands move more clearly and precisely, the hips and legs typically remain relaxed. Large movements that closely match the music’s beats are made. Locking is typically performed to funk or soul music and has a light, humorous element. “Lockers” are dancers who use locking moves.


Pure emotion and energy are the driving forces behind this African American dance style. Krumping is characterized by vigorous actions like chest bumping that frequently lyrically convey intense emotions.


Hip-hop ensures that the histories of the streets are preserved forever. These songs discuss knowledge and ignorance, joy and agony, and life and death. And we require these viewpoints to ensure we do not commit the same errors made by earlier generations. Hip-hop is a genre and way of life that is constantly evolving and expanding. Only approach something with being prepared to learn from it and progress.

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