buy facebook likes malaysia
buy facebook likes malaysia

The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

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Facebook commercials will let you gain numerous excessive-stage commercial enterprise desires, which include growing brand cognizance, generating leads, using visitors to your commercial enterprise website, and greater. ( buy facebook likes malaysia ) However, the method of putting in place Facebook commercials isn’t usually intuitive or sincere, and making them worthwhile is a whole different ballgame. This manual will assist you in creating your first Facebook advert marketing campaign. It’ll additionally offer validated suggestions and hints you can use to help the advertisements obtain your targets. 

Why put it on the market on Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social media network worldwide, with 2.8 billion monthly active customers (MAU) as of Q4 2020. Of the users, 1.6 billion were related to small agencies in 2018 (this number will probably have accelerated because of then). 

Facebook’s common conversion rate for advert campaigns across all industries turned 9.21% in 2020. When you combine that stellar conversion charge with Facebook’s large target audience, it’s a no-brainer to allocate a part of your ad budget to Facebook advertising and marketing.

Are you on board? If yes, allow’s evaluation of the common Facebook ad kinds you may use on your first marketing campaign.

Types of Facebook advertisements

Avid Facebook scrollers may have noticed many extraordinary varieties of ads appear in their News Feeds (even though we’ll forgive you if you haven’t observed!). Depending on your commercial enterprise type, a few advertisements will work higher for you than others. Here is a list of all of the viable ad kinds you can create on Facebook:

  • Single picture
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Collection
  • Instant Experience
  • Dynamic advertisements
  • Click-to-Messenger
  • Lead advertisements

Single picture

A single-picture ad is the maximum widely used ad type on Facebook for an amazing purpose: It’s tremendously easy! You can set up an image advert in mere mins and begin selling your business properly away. buy facebook likes malaysia

When to use it

If you’ve been given a service or product to sell and need an easy ad to set up, a single photo advert is for you. Image-based total commercials may be a brilliant manner to make your enterprise stand out amidst a sea of textual content-based total posts in a busy News Feed, especially in case you use high-quality pictures and appealing shades and photos.

Furthermore, a Facebook examination observed that static picture ads outperformed the video/photo mixture, indicating that simplicity works! However, be conscious that conversion prices can rise over time; if you note a diminishing return on funding, it may be time to transport far away from static image commercials to other advert facebook likes malaysia

Ad specs

  • Recommended picture length: a minimum of 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Primary text: a hundred twenty-five characters
  • Headline: forty characters
  • Description: 30 characters


Video ads are the second maximum popular ad kind. In terms of ease of ad setup, they’re just as simple to make as a single-image advert. However, you’ll need to element in manufacturing the video itself while estimating overall ad introduction time. 

When to use it

Facebook video commercials, like picture advertisements, are a brilliant manner to break up a client’s News Feed. The bonus with videos is that they circulate, attracting greater interest! A nicely-completed video advert can help sell a couple of merchandise or show one product in motion, assisting visitors in apprehending better the way it works in actual lifestyles. If you have video production chops (or the way to outsource), a video ad allows you to stand out from the facebook likes malaysia

Ad specs

  • Maximum document length: 4GB 
  • Primary textual content: a hundred twenty-five characters
  • Aspect ratio: 4:5
  • Continuous looping available
  • Video can be up to 241 minutes lengthy. However, 15-30 seconds is popular
  • You can also use a 360 video as an advert


Now we’re upping the ante a touch. The carousel advert can include multiple photos or motion pictures, every with its own “link card” that viewers can scroll via and click its character link to discover facebook likes malaysia

When to use it

If you have multiple product listings or provider pages on your enterprise website, you might need to recall highlighting them, for my part, the usage of a carousel ad. Carousel advertisements allow you to showcase each product; each card hosts a dedicated hyperlink that results in a particular web page on your website. You also can use the link playing cards to describe a step-through-step manner.

If you’re feeling more creative, you could use carousel commercials to create a panoramic ad (just like what you might see on multi-picture Instagram posts).best site to buy facebook likes

Ad specifications

  • Number of carousel playing cards: 2-10
  • Maximum image record size: 30 MB
  • Full video record length: 4 GB
  • Video length: 1 2nd to 240 mins
  • Primary text: 125 characters
  • Headline: forty characters
  • Description: 20 characters


Collection ads are one of the more complicated advert types to create. However, they’re powerful on the subject of immediately enticing viewers from cellular News Feeds. They present as a cowl photograph or video, accompanied by as many as four smaller product pics properly. Not only that, but if the viewer clicks anywhere on the ad, they’ll move into an Instant to buy likes on facebook for free

When to use it

Like carousel advertisements, it’s satisfactory to use collection advertisements if you’re looking to sell products; the advertisements are used to transport clients from the discovery phase into the purchase phase thru a clean and smooth transition that maintains users on Facebook or Instagram.

That being said, you could also use series commercials as touchdown pages to permit clients to perform particular movements (like shopping for a newly launched product) while allowing customers to remain on Facebook. 

Ad specifications

  • Image kind: JPG or GIF (different documents are supported; these are just recommended)
  • Video kind: MP4, MOV, or GIF (same as above)
  • Resolution: as a minimum 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Primary textual content: a hundred twenty-five characters
  • Headline: forty characters
  • Instant Experience required

Instant Experience

Formerly called Canvas advertisements, Instant Experiences display a full-screen touchdown web page while a person interacts with the ad.( buy facebook likes ) If you’ve ever clicked an ad on Facebook that led you to an external touchdown web page, you know how painful it can be to await for that page to load. A Facebook Instant Experience fixes that.

When to apply it

If you need to pressure traffic to a landing page (which is superb for plenty of commercial enterprise objectives), remember to construct it into Facebook by using an Instant Experience in preference to growing an advert and linking it to an external area. Keeping people internal on Facebook ensures their Experience is seamless and extra person-friendly. 

Ad specs

Several numerous specifications apply to Instant Experiences due to the fact you can use an Instant Experience in surely all other ad codecs. (Read the overall specs listing.) The basics nevertheless follow, however right here are some unique bits:

  • You may have up to 20 pics (which include tilt-to-pan photos)
  • Images have two sizing options: healthy-to-width (endorsed) or fit-to-height 
  • There’s no limit to the variety of videos, but the total video duration can’t be more than two mins
  • Instant Experiences could have multiple blocks of textual content, as much as 500 phrases every

Dynamic advertisements

Want to retarget buyers on Facebook? Dynamic ads are your new satisfactory buddy. Facebook assists you in selling products to people who have already expressed interest in your logo by journeying your internet site or app or clicking on an advert.

Here’s the capture: you’ll want to set up the Facebook pixel for your website to capture consumer interactions and ship the data back to Facebook. (You can manually add the Facebook pixel in your web page’s code or via an integration companion.) You’ll need a Business Manager account and a product catalog to run dynamic commercials.

When to use it

It’s quality to take into account the usage of dynamic advertisements in case you already have an eCommerce internet site set up and a little traffic to funnel data lower back to Facebook. 

If Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce strength your shop, we’ve got exact information! You can routinely install dynamic ads rather than manually including a catalog on Facebook. 

Ad specifications

  • Facebook creates dynamic advertisements mechanically. Just ensure you’ve got some captivating excessive-decision product images!


These remaining ad kinds are particular in that they permit active verbal exchange between your business and Facebook users (instead of just passively displaying users’ photos, films, and hyperlinks). In this case, click-to-Messenger advertisements drop individuals who have clicked on your ad at once into Messenger, even from Instagram.

When to apply it

Building relationships with your customers is crucial (there’s a whole exercise named after it — “relationship advertising and marketing”), and click-to-Messenger commercials allow you to initiate conversations with potential clients. 

Check out our guide to Facebook Messenger advertising if you’re interested in learning more! Some use-case examples encompass handing over content material, acquiring registrations for stay activities/webinars, allowing bookings, or maybe just having a simple ol’ communication. buy facebook likes malaysia

Ad specs

Click-to-Messenger ads paintings with pix, films, or carousel advert sorts (which means their respective advert specs observe). The only difference is that you’ll choose “Messages” as your ad objective while growing the ad (this will replace the usual internet link URL with the Messenger link).

Lead advertisements

You also can use Facebook lead commercials to develop your commercial enterprise. When users click on your ad, they’ll be presented with a complete-display screen, “Instant Form,” to finish. You can use that paperwork to collect non-public statistics like names, telephone numbers, and addresses.

When to use it

If you’re searching out warm, excessive-intent leads, you could use lead ads to e-book income calls or consultations, set up property viewings or take a look at drives, even lease contractors, and more. You also can use this kind of ad to add extra contacts for your electronic mail listing thru event registrations or gated digital product facebook likes and comments

Ad Specs

You can use either an image or video as your ad hero, so refer back to the one’s primary ad necessities. These necessities are unique to guide advertisements:

  • You can create up to 15 custom questions
  • You’re required to hyperlink for your enterprise’s privacy coverage
  • You also need to provide an outstanding be aware explaining why you’re amassing non-public facts

Phew! We’ve reviewed all the exclusive advert types you could create on Facebook, why you may pick out a particular one and the spec guidelines. Now we’re going to walk you through putting in an advert of your own.

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