Suzuki GD 110S Specification, Features, and price in Pakistan

Suzuki GD 110S Specification, Features, and price in Pakistan

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Suzuki Motors Corporation introduces their Suzuki GD110s Model. Suzuki Motors double the expectation level of their company when attached to a two-wheeler. This model has come with a great effort from the engineers that work in the Suzuki Corporation. The bike looks stunning and amazing due to its design and style.

When there is so much inflation in the country and instability in the fuel prices then there is a model of Suzuki that comes out with Euro Technology that fulfills your demands and needs. The best thing is that if we talk about just quality then there is no competitor of this bike in the Automobile industry. This model is even better than Honda and Yamaha bikes in terms of quality.

Suzuki GD 110s:

Suzuki GD 110s is launched in 2013 in Pakistan. Unfortunately, this bike is not so popular in Pakistan because of its price. The reason for the high price is that Pakistan import this bike from another country and there are taxes for import which they have to pay so that’s why this bike is expensive.

But there is a reason why you have to purchase this bike. The reason is if you know the brand Suzuki then you know the quality of the automobile that they are providing. So this model is designed in an amazing style and is comfortable for riding as well. The brand Suzuki will not sacrifice style and design for the cause of mileage average. There are a few features that provide you the best comfort on the road as compared to other people when you are riding this model.

The Features are sleek design, Front Headlight, Tail light, and body shape are so attractive for this model. Pakistan Suzuki Corporation only provides two bikes for middle-class people. One of the bikes is this model Suzuki GD 110s. In this article, we will tell you information about the specifications, features, and prices of this bike in Pakistan.

Suzuki GD 110s Specification in Pakistan:

Frame: This bike has a Backbone Type Frame.

Engine: There is a 4-stroke Air-cooled Engine of 113cc.

Fuel Tank Capacity: The Fuel capacity is 9L of this Motorbike.

Fuel Mileage Average: It will give you a mileage average of 45 km/L.

Top Speed: Suzuki GD 110s can go to the maximum speed of 100 km/H.

Torque: The Toque of this bike is 8.5Nm at 5500 RPM.

Clutch: This bike contains a wet type of multi-plate clutch.

Horsepower: The horsepower is 8.0 HP at 8500 RPM.

Starting: There is a self-start option on this bike.

Transmission: 4-speed Transmission is available in this bike.

Ground Clearance: This model has 140mm of Ground Clearance.

Seat Height: GD 110s has a 766 mm seat height.

Cylinders: There is only one single cylinder available in this bike.

Features of Suzuki GD 110S:

There are different features of the Suzuki GD 110s like the electric start and the kick-start system. This is a digital speedo meter which increases the look of this bike and has alloy rim wheels. They have five ways in which rear suspension is adjusted and the rider will feel comfortable and smooth while riding this bike.  This bike is equipped with CDI which is a capacitor discharge ignition and front or rear drum brakes.

Design of Suzuki GD 110s:

This model has a sporty look and sleek design with a digital speedometer. There is aerodynamics that reduces air drag and the seat design is stair type which is comfortable for long journeys. The GD110S is introduced in the market and contains a front or rear protection frame. The motorcycle gives you a black chrome plated muffler to give you better exhaust and low CO2 emission. The model has 4 shaped alloy rims and there are four colors of this bike. Red, Black, Grey, and blue are available in which Suzuki GD 110s are available in the market.

Suzuki GD 110s price in Pakistan.

The model that Pak Suzuki launched in Pakistan is available at 244,000 prices.


This model is really good if you saw the design and features. The brand Suzuki has a great image in the Automobile industry so people know that they didn’t sacrifice on quality.

This is all about Suzuki GD 110s. I hope this article will help you to get the information regarding this model.

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