Software Retailers Use To Find The Perfect Location

Software Retailers Use To Find The Perfect Location

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When it comes to finding the right location for your business, there are many different software programs that you can use. Some of these include Mapzot, StoreRocket, and INRIX retail location analysis software.

INRIX Location Analytics

When retailers are looking for the best locations to open a new store, location analytics can help them make the right decision. These solutions provide comprehensive mobility data for every single location, so they can make a more informed and better decisions.

Location Analytics can save businesses time, money, and stress. It makes it easier to make decisions that will boost their profitability. You can compare location options, analyze current or prospective locations, and track traffic trends. Plus, you can import your own location data to get comprehensive insights.

There are many challenges facing businesses. Changing consumer behavior, pressure to meet customer needs, and technology-driven competitive pressures are just a few. Successful companies know that they have to adapt and use data to stay ahead of the game. However, most of the data and analytics are out of date and require a lot of manual effort. This can be a problem when trying to make a strategic business decision.

In an effort to streamline site selection, INRIX has created a new location intelligence solution. INRIX IQ Location Analytics combines valuable datasets, enabling retailers to find viable locations and make the most of their location investment.

INRIX location intelligence provides accurate traffic counts, volume counts, and estimates for vehicle volumes on roads. You can also find out how much traffic passes by each location, by direction of travel, or by day of the week.

The paid version of the INRIX Location Analytics dashboard includes the demographic breakdown of visitors, average annual daily traffic counts, drive times to and from a business location, and aggregate heat maps of origin and destination. If you’re a retail retailer, this tool can save you hours of labor and help you make the right choice.

Site selection companies use these tools to determine the potential profitability of millions of retail locations. They also help retailers understand where shoppers are coming from. Using the data, retailers can predict changes in traffic flow.

By understanding the flow of people and goods, investors, hedge funds, and individual companies can gain unique insights. Whether they’re looking for a new location or they’re trying to predict a cannibalization study, Location Analytics can help.


The use of store locator software can help retailers to increase customer traffic and build a more loyal audience. For instance, it’s possible to use the software to display open hours, amenities, and specials for different stores in different locations. Also, it’s possible to enhance the ranking of a business in search results.

One of the most important aspects of a locator is to provide an easy way for customers to find the right resources. This helps improve the overall website experience and boost conversion rates. Companies that provide useful information and helpful content boost customer loyalty and increase sales.

MetaLocator is a powerful and feature-rich application that works on any website. With it, you can create your own store locator quickly and easily. Moreover, it’s mobile-friendly. It’s available in several languages, supports all address systems, and is ready for iPhones and Droid devices.

MetaLocator also includes business intelligence tools. This allows you to track all leads, analytics, and eCommerce activity. Besides, you can customize your interface with a variety of templates. And, you can even set up automatic geolocation.

You can set up MetaLocator to search by user’s GPS location or by address. Usually, the results are displayed in map format. But, if you want, you can limit the amount of data displayed on your Interface.

MetaLocator is compatible with Android and Blackberry devices. Plus, it’s user-friendly and intuitive on tablets and desktops.

In addition, it provides exceptional customer support. Aside from that, it has a wide range of features and reasonable prices. Besides, it’s easy to install and manage. So, if you’re looking for a tool that can help you find the perfect location for your store, you should definitely give this one a try.

If you want to find out more about this app, check out their website. They also offer a tutorial on how to set up a Template. Once you’ve created a Template, you can add fields to the search results. Or, you can edit the details page of a single location.

Another important feature of this app is its ability to integrate with existing web services. Thus, you don’t need to change the code.


Mapzot is a tool that retailers can use to find the best location for their business. It offers a number of useful features, including a user-friendly UI and analytics capabilities. The company uses the latest in artificial intelligence to make data-driven location decisions, which in turn helps improve profitability and the bottom line.

Aside from the obvious location-finding benefits, Mapzot can also help with other tasks such as portfolio analysis and void analysis. These are important steps in making better real estate decisions.

Aside from location, Mapzot also provides a handful of other analytics, including foot traffic counts, demographic information, and competition trends. All of this data can be combined in a single platform and used to optimize business operations.

For instance, Mapzot can tell you if you should move or if there are any new industries in your area that could be a good fit for your business. This information can be invaluable in improving customer relationships and increasing the success of your current locations.

As a result, Mapzot expects to see a lot more companies using this technology in the coming years. Using Mapzot can increase productivity, reduce carrying costs, and even improve deal flow. In addition, it can also help businesses expand nationally.

One of the most useful features of Mapzot is the way it compares keywords and competitors. The company tracks more than 8 million locations, and it is constantly updating the national dataset on a near-real-time basis. This allows the company to track over 40B square feet of retail space.

Other key features include demographic, weather, and socioeconomic information. This data helps users understand the relationship between supply and demand and how they may affect their own business.

While the technology is currently available only in the US, the company has plans to expand in the near future. Currently, Mapzot is the largest database of retail-focused businesses in the country.

The company’s product offerings are geared toward helping retailers, chain businesses, and traders determine the best site for their businesses. This includes a full suite of mapping technologies and a variety of industry-specific algorithms.


StoreRocket is a store locator software for websites. It has a lot of powerful features that can help businesses increase sales. With this tool, you can find out how customers are searching for stores and make adjustments accordingly. This software can also help you display open hours for your stores in different locations.

It has an easy-to-use interface. The software allows you to create custom maps, add and edit locations, and customize your store locator. Additionally, the app can be embedded on your website. You can easily add Google Maps, custom Google Markers, and other data sources. You can also choose between various page layout options.

StoreRocket has a simple installation process. You can use a spreadsheet to enter your location data or import the data from CSV or Excel. Once you have imported the locations, they will automatically be reflected on your store locator. If you want to add more locations, you can import them through the Store Locator Service.

If you need a solution that is easy to use, customizable, and offers advanced analytics, StoreRocket is a great choice. Plus, the software’s support team is top notch. In addition, the software can be integrated into any website, as well as single-page applications.

StoreRocket has been created by a company that is focused on information services. They are a company that wants to provide you with a complete customer experience. To do this, they developed a beautiful and versatile store locator, which can be embedded on your website. Whether you want to show live hours, or you just want to create a direct route to your business, StoreRocket has a solution for you.

The company also offers a store locator for Google Sheets. With this feature, you can import your location data from a Google spreadsheet into the StorePoint software. Once the data has been imported, you can edit it, upload it, and then add your location to the Store Point store locator.

You can also use the StoreMapper store locator app, which is a licensed Google Maps OEM provider. This app is highly customizable and can be customized using CSS and Javascript.

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