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Sia Training as a safety specialist in accordance with the expert examination

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The security industry prefers to hire people who can provide evidence of professional qualification according to the emerald academy, as they can be deployed quickly and flexibly. Evidence of the competence test according to the emerald academy is particularly necessary if companies use security personnel for:

The proficiency test according to the emerald academy:

  • Law of public security and order, including commercial and data protection law
  • Civil Code, Criminal Law, and Criminal Procedure Law, including handling of weapons
  • Accident prevention regulations for sia training in southall, services
  • Dealing with people, behavior in dangerous situations and de-escalation techniques in conflict situations
  • Fundamentals of security technology

What is the content of sia training in southall?

The training to become a specialist for protection and security teaches you the following content at school:

  • Start of training

In the first year of the safety specialist training, you will primarily get to know the legal basics and safety regulations. For example, you will familiarize yourself with fire protection regulations and internalize clearing and evacuation plans. In addition, lectures on deployment law, personal rights and property rights will teach you important legal pillars for your profession. In this way, you can identify legal violations such as burglary, trespassing, theft, coercion, fraud and property damage.

In addition, in the first year of security training you will also learn about security measures that you can use to prevent dangers. You will practice which buildings and facilities you can secure using which measures. You will also become familiar with the first technical aids.

  • Midd of training

In the second year of the sia training in southall, courses will show you how to protect people and objects. You will also learn how to initiate the right measures in a dangerous situation, how to conduct operations and how to assess potential risks. So that you, as a prospective security specialist, also have the know-how for technical aids, you will learn how alarm systems, motion detectors and thermal imaging cameras work.

In addition, the second year of the safety specialist training will teach you how to use communication to relax dangerous situations. You will also learn how to calm people who are panicking and how to defuse dangerous situations using de-escalation methods.

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What does the career path look like after sia training in southall?

The security industry is currently experiencing technical advances. Face recognition, body cameras and drones ensure that competent and trained security professionals are in particularly high demand. Nevertheless, you will find many competitors on the job market nationwide. In NRW and Hesse, however, things are different.

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