Road Prince Wego 150 2023 Specifications and Price in Pakistan

Road Prince Wego 150 2023 Specifications and Price in Pakistan

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The whole article consists of the Road Prince Wego 150 2023 in Pakistan. In this article, we will cover each and every single specification and feature of this bike. This blog will help you and provide you with knowledge so you can satisfy yourself before going to buy this bike. The price of the bike is given below.

Road Price Wego 150cc:

Road Prince launched a bike Road prince Wego 150 in Pakistan. The design, colors, and contrast grabbed the attention of customers in Pakistan. The motorbike has a great sporty look with stunning features and specifications.

The bike has overall great performance for long journeys and trips. Road Prince Company targets all the people of Pakistan and this is the best bike you can use this bike for regular travel in your place. Because of the comfort and reliability Road Prince provides in their new bike catches the satisfaction of customers. The motorbike has a 149cc engine displacement with only a single cylinder.

Looks like Pakistan’s Automobile industry is going to be revolutionized and maybe it will be real in coming soon. Road Prince Company is a local company that introduces this bike and the Wego 150 is the first bike in Pakistan that has 5 gearboxes. The first bike has Euro 3 technology in Pakistan.

If we talk about sports bikes then Road Prince brand is well known as the Pioneer of sports bikes in Pakistan. The bike has a great feature of electric self-start feature. The bike is led with a 5-speed transmission and provides you with a comfortable ride.

Specifications of Road Prince Wego 150:

Engine: Wego 150 has a 4-stroke single cylinder

Displacement: The displacement of the engine is 149cc

Frame: The frame of Wego 150 is Single Spar Welded Steel with Pressed Steel Reinforcement

Clutch: Multi-plate Wet

Transmission: There is a 5-speed transmission in this bike

Horsepower: The bike’s maximum power is 12 Hp at 8000 RPM.

Torque: The maximum torque this bike will give is 11 Nm at 6000 RPM

Top speed: The maximum speed of Wego 150 is 120 Kmph

Fuel Tank Capacity: There is a great 18L Fuel Tank Capacity in this motorbike.

Lubricating Oil Capacity:  1200 ML

Fuel Average: Wego 150 provide a 35 Km/L fuel average

Compression Ratio: 9.0:1

Wheels size: 2 inches

Front Wheels: 17-17

Back Wheels: 17-2

Battery: the battery of the bike is 12 V

Cooling system: Forced Air

Starting: Electric

Road Prince Wego 150 Features

  • Euro 3 Technology
  • Electric Self-start
  • 5 gearbox
  • Digital Speedometer
  • Alloy wheels of 17 inches
  • 18L Fuel Capacity
  • Great Fuel-Efficient Bike

Exterior Design:

The bike has an eye-catching design with LED round headlamps and right-left turn signals and the backlight has also LED lights. The shaped fuel tank lets you stick your knees and you can sit comfortably on the bike. There is a speedometer along with an analog tachometer in this bike. The aluminum alloy wheels of 17 inches provide a good road grip and give a stunning look to your bike. If you want to verify auction sheet always available for all of you.

The handle lock also looks great and there is a small tiny choke on the left side of the handle and available in different colors like grey, red, black, and orange exterior colors. There is a small space under the seat of the bike and the purpose of this space is to keep your important files or documents there.

Wego 150 Colors in Pakistan

Wego 150 has 3 different colors which are

Red, Black, and Blue

Road Prince Wego 150 Competitors in Pakistan:

There are few bikes that are the competitor of Wego 150

  1. United 150
  2. Suzuki CG 150 SE
  3. Suzuki GR 150
  4. Suzuki CG 150

Price of Wego 150:

The motorcycle price in Pakistan is available for 345,000 Rupees in Pakistan. The motorbike is also available in used condition. You can buy this bike as used one. But I will recommend you purchase a new bike because there are some minor faults in used bikes.


This is all about the Road Prince Wego bike. I cover all the specifications, features, and price of this motorbike. I hope this article will help you and that you get some knowledge about this bike through this article.

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