Recycle your cereal boxes by doing these 9 DIY activities

Recycle your cereal boxes by doing these 9 DIY activities

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There are many ways to upcycle your old cereal boxes. We found 9 easy and creative activities you can do with your cereal box that will not only be fun but also help to save the environment from the unnecessary waste of plastic.

1. An eco-friendly notebook:

Wrap the package in some tape, then cover it in a paper, creating a cardboard cover for your books and notebooks! This is an ideal way to keep all of your notes organized. You can even decorate the cover with patterns and colors of your choice.

2. A pencil case:

An old cereal box can be just the right thing to tote around your pens and pencils! Just cut it in the right shape, add a handle, and decorate it with paper or any other material you like.

3. A gift box:

Use an old cereal box to create a really special gift for someone close! This is an exceptionally creative way of wrapping up a special present, as well as a very useful one. Use bright colors and patterns to make it look truly festive!

4. A storage box:

If you have a few things that require extra storage space, an old cereal box can be transformed into the perfect home for your bath toys, iPod, and accessories. All you need is to cut and fold it in a way that will make it fit perfectly inside and then decorate it with paper.

5. A material to recycle paper:

If none of the above activities interest you, you can always create paper out of your old cereal boxes! All you need is an old cereal box and some scissors. Cut along the dotted lines so that the box becomes a ‘filler,’ following which roll out two big sheets of paper and tape their edges together forming a large roll.

6. A pencil holder:

Slice in half an old cereal box and use a hot glue gun to fix the resulting pieces along the edge of your desk. Better yet, get your child to do that for you! You will end up with a really cute pencil holder!

7. A trash can:

It is really easy to create a trash can for your home using an old cereal box. Just poke some holes in the lid of the box and tie a string to it. You can then hang it on the edge of your desk or your kitchen counter, and voila! You are ready to throw out all sorts of trash!

8. A watch holder:

If your child doesn’t want to carry around a watch all the time, why not keep it in his favorite cereal box? This way he will know exactly where to find it, especially if he is in a hurry. All you need to do is stick some tape at one end of the box, and then fix a safety pin at the other end.

9. A vase:

Old cereal boxes are excellent vases to display your flowers. Simply cut a hole in the side of the box and place your flower stems through. You can then decorate with colored paper or ribbons, and everything will look picture perfect!

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