Roof Restoration
Roof Restoration

Reasons to Perform Roof Restoration

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Roof restoration uses elastomeric roof coatings to restore your old roof to like-new condition. Except for any minor areas of the roof that may be damaged or compromised, repairing your roof does typically not necessitate the removal or replacement of any existing materials.

In commercial roof restoration systems, coatings are used to create a seamless, watertight membrane that covers the entire roof surface. These coatings can be made from a variety of different chemicals, including acrylic, butyl, silicone, and urethane. They can be applied to a wide range of commercial roofing substrates, including metal, modified bitumen, built-up roofs, PVC, TPO, EPDM, concrete, and spray polyurethane foam.

What Advantages Does Roof Restoration Offer?

Less Expensive

All the benefits of a new roof are offered through restoration but at a fraction of the price. Roof restoration uses less time and resources than traditional tear-off and replacement techniques.

Enhance the value of properties

Your roof’s aesthetic appeal is increased by restoration. Your home will be worth more and will be more desirable to buyers as a result.

Extends Service Period

One of the best things about having a restoration system is that it can help extend the lifespan of your roof. Commercial roofs usually only last for 20-25 years, but with restoration, you can add 10-20 additional years of use. Plus, if you take care of the system and recoat it when necessary, you won’t need to worry about replacing your roof anytime soon.

An extension of your roof’s lifespan

A roof restoration will increase the lifespan of your roof and eliminate the need for later, more expensive repairs or a complete replacement. As a result, they will spot unsecured metal sheets or cracked or damaged tiles, both of which can let the outside in.

Additionally, they might remove the leaves and twigs. For instance, a skilled roofer will examine your roof before starting work to look for any potential weak places. Mainly collect in gutters and on flat rooftops. This kind of detritus draws lichen and mold, which eventually corrodes the materials in your roof. Therefore, making a roof renovation investment might extend the life of your roof by several years.

Strengthens Performance

The coatings used in restoration methods are designed to adhere entirely to the surfaces of business roofs. They offer a shielding, solid, thick barrier that may efficiently halt leaks and restore performance. Additionally, they considerably lessen the requirement for ongoing roof maintenance and repairs.

Added defense against invading pests

If given the slightest opportunity, numerous pests might enter your home through the roof. Animals such as possums, roof rats, and other pests will use exposed sheeting or loose tiles. In their attempts to enter your home and build a nest, they may even cause damage to the roof. A fast roof restoration can keep these pests off your roof.

Roof Restoration
Roof Restoration

It brings down energy costs

Systems for roof restoration offer strong reflecting and emissive properties that can significantly increase your facility’s energy efficiency. Reduced ambient temperatures will be advantageous in unconditioned environments as well.

A warmer residence throughout the winter

Even the slightest gaps can seriously impair your winter heating efforts. When you hear your home in the winter, warm air rises to the top through convection. However, the precious heat in your home will escape through the roof if your roof is only partially damaged or unsecured. This will inevitably make your house feel colder and increase energy costs. Because of this, investing in a roof restoration is very worthwhile.

Higher Sustainability

Due to more stringent building rules, environmental restrictions, and greater environmental awareness, the demand for more environmentally friendly roofing solutions has increased significantly in recent years.

A less disruptive alternative to replacing the roof

A roof restoration is non-intrusive and guarantees that your roof receives the professional upkeep it needs without disturbing you or the neighborhood. A complete roof replacement can create a lot of undesirable noise for your neighbors if you live in a quiet area. Hammering, drilling, and transferring tools and supplies will likely take a few days.


A quality roof restoration will improve the security of your house and make your roof appear as though it was just installed. It’s a more affordable option than getting a new roof or having to fix your roof all the time. However, selecting a reliable roofing contractor is crucial to profit from roof restoration fully.

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