Printer Issues That Can Be Fixed With The Help of Professionals

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Despite the promise of a paperless future, there’s a good chance you have the option to print things out from time to time. While copiers and printers today are better than they were 20-25 years ago, these machines are smart and reliable as other advanced devices. The following are some most common problems you’ll encounter while using your printer or copier of famous brands, and all of them can be fixed by companies who offer printing repairing services for popular printers like HP, Canon, Kyocera as well as Ricoh printer and copier repair in Newark without too much trouble.

The Printer Is Offline

Sometimes, you’re going to hit the print button and get a message on the display that the printer is not available or connected. Assuming that the printing machine was set up and functioning before, there are some things you can try:

  • Check that your printer is on and shows that it is ready with no errors displayed.
  • Ensure the connection (Wi-Fi, USB, or Bluetooth) is confirmed.
  • Try printing from another laptop, PC, or tablet to determine whether the problem is with the computer or the printer.
  • Restart both the devices (computer and printer).

Call a professional printer repair service company if the issue is not fixed with these actions. The technician will quickly fix the issue and make your printer operational.

Wi-Fi Printing Is Slow

Currently, shared Wi-Fi printers are quite popular as you only need one printer in the home. However, if the Wi-Fi signal is causing problems, you may suffer from a situation where your Wi-Fi printer takes a long time to start up or stops mid-print while it buffers. 

Wi-Fi signal problems on a copier or printer are the same as in any other device, and if you don’t know how to troubleshoot, get assistance from repair technicians.

Ghost” Paper Jams

“Ghost Jamming” isn’t some kind of creepy music genre. Instead, it occurs when a printer reports that it has a paper jam, but upon inspection, you can’t find it.

While a certified technician can fix causes of this type of jamming, the most common cause is small pieces of paper or other waste stuck between the rollers.

The technician will open your printing device and check what you missed on the print rollers. If possible, they will try to gently roll the rollers to see if they move freely or if something falls off.

Misaligned or Weird-looking Text

This problem usually occurs while using inkjet printers. Many modern inkjet printers come without any permanent print heads. While using them, you change the print head every time you put in a new cartridge. It means you need to bring into line the “print head.”

The technician will check your printer’s utility for the head-alignment function. Some printers may do this automatically, while others will not. Even if you had the alignment done when you first inserted your current cartridges, they could go wrong over time, so it’s worth getting a professional service of Ricoh copier and printer repair in NJ.

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