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The Best Portfolio Management Companies In India For An Unrivaled Investment Experience

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People are increasingly looking to the stock market as an investment opportunity. To maximize returns and minimize risk, it is essential to be informed about a range of financial products, including mutual funds, stocks, and bonds, as well as the stock market itself. Financial acumen is a must for any investor who wishes to make smart investments and reap significant rewards, but this can happen only with proper financial knowledge about stock market trends. 

Providing investors with appropriate guidance and making informed decisions is essential to generating higher returns through risk management. Portfolio Management Services (PMS) turn out to be a savior. Let’s examine the role of portfolio management services and the top companies offering portfolio management services in India in this article.

Role of Top Portfolio Management companies in India

  • They help to make investment decisions. 
  • They help in managing the individual investor portfolio.
  • They are experts in understanding market trends, and they allocate the funds according to your requirement.
  • They are good at analyzing investors’ investment returns and preferences.
  • They help the investor by providing proper guidance, the right place, and investment time. 

List of Top Best Portfolio Management Services in India

Based on the combination of returns, charges, number of clients, and investors’ support, here are the top five best portfolio management services provided in India. 

  • Kotak Pharma Fund: Kotak Portfolio Management services have been in the market Since 2012. It is one of the top Portfolio Management companies in India. They provide the best services to investors. The minimum investment is Rs 50 lakhs and invest in 10- 25 top company stocks to get better high returns. They provide four products with a high-rated PHARMA fund, which offers 3-year returns of 23.9 %. The company charges 2.5% annual cost. However, if investors exit within one year and two years, they must pay 2% and 1% exit charges, respectively. Kotak PMS AUM: Rs 1,627 crores, 
  • Motilal Oswal Next Trillion-Dollar Opportunity PMS: This Portfolio management service is best suitable for long-term investors and invests in good companies. The PMS charges 1 – 2.5% annually and some extra charges such as custody, audit, and exchange costs. They have one more offer for investors looking for fewer fees, and they provide an option of trading off fixed fees with variable charges above the 10% hurdle rate. Motilal Oswal Next Trillion Dollar Opportunity 3 year returns 11.7%. Motilal Oswal NTDo AUM: Rs 7 400 Crore.
  • Equity Intelligence PMS: This is one of India’s top Portfolio Management Services. The minimum investment required is Rs 50 lakh. The manager will inform you when to buy and sell the securities. There is no lock-in period. Investors are free to withdraw at any moment. They charge 2% annually for managing funds. Furthermore, they charge a 10% share of returns above 10% per annum—Equity Intelligence PMS AUM: Rs 1,343 crore.
  • ICICI Prudential PMS: It is one of India’s top Portfolio Management companies. They offer many products and portfolios such as core and thematic, Flexi Cap, Large Cap, absolute return, export, wellness, infrastructure, and Enterprising India portfolio. They require a minimum investment of Rs 50 Lakh and a prepaid fee structure of 1.6% – 2.2%. The profit sharing is high at 33%. Furthermore, they are also depository, custodian, and brokerage charges. 
  • ValueQuest PMS: This is one of the best PMS services in India; they provide small and midcap space products. The founders of the PMS have excellent knowledge of companies, including BRICS securities and Sharekhan. ValueQuest PMS aims to generate alpha by taking concentrated bets in different sectors with a high scope of growth while keeping track of corporate governance. ValueQuest Aum: Rs 4,400 crore, and three-year returns are 40.7%.

Bottom Line

Investing in financial securities is the best way of getting better returns with the help of Portfolio management services. They will notify the client about market trends, whereas the general public needs help to access this information efficiently. Furthermore, they evaluate and analyze the performance of various financial products, which is a challenging task for the commoner. The investor can customize the option for significant investments and high-net-worth individuals. Also, they provide performance management services to investors. Investors can structure their portfolios, but this flexibility comes with high charges. Mutual funds do not offer this flexibility feature. 

To secure our future, we need to invest in the right place that fetches good returns in the future. Gulaq is one of India’s best portfolio management companies, providing the best portfolio services at affordable prices. Since the Gulaq company has been in the market for a long time, they are the best service provider and have educated investors about the market trends. After discussing the best portfolio management companies in India, let us invest in the stock market without any hassle and secure our future with good returns from the investment. Gone are the days of the commoner saying it is hard to understand the market trends, but now we have the best Top portfolio management companies in India. With guidance, we can secure our and our family’s lives with good returns.

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