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Right now smartphones are coming with many great cameras with which you can click the best photos with most of the newly launched smartphones. But there is just one problem that most people face and that is you will not have the photo editor built in most of the smartphone cameras.

For doing that you have to download many other apps that are available on the apps it is also very difficult to find the best of them. Because there are too many editing apps available right now. But today I am going to tell you about one of the best of them which is called Photopea. By using this app you can resize your photos according to what you want and you can also use effects as well.

What is the Photopea APK?

It is one of the best and most useful photo editing apps having millions of users right now. You can use many different features of this app to edit your photos, you can resize your photos and you can use different visual effects on them. You can make collages of your photos and you can add different transitions on your photos. You can also add text on your photos to provide them a cooler look. You can also remove the background of the photos if you want to by using this app. It is a very easy to use photo editor tool.

What is the Photopea mod APK?

There will be many premium paid features available in the simple version of this app. To unlock them you have to upgrade to the premium version of it. The premium version will cost you a lot of money that everyone would not be able to pay. So to provide all the premium features of this app for free to you we have made a modified version of this app which is called Photopea APK. In this version we will provide you all the premium features unlocked and there will also be no ads available in this version.

Can we resize any photo using the Photopea app?

The most important thing a person has to do while he is editing the photos is to resize it. Most of the people just want the upper body of their part to be shown on the photos and they want to resize their photos. This app will provide you the feature to resize any of your photos without any problem.

Can we remove background from the photos using Photopea?

This app also provides you the feature to remove background from your photos. Sometimes while clicking photos on the different locations, there is something in the background that we don’t want in the photos that would be some person or a thing and by using this app you can easily remove it.

eatures of the Photopea APK

Resize photos

By using this app you can easily resize your photos according to what you want.

Use effects

There are lots of effects available in this app and there are also many more that you can download to use on your photos.

Background remove

The great feature of this app is that you can remove the background of the photos, you can add different backgrounds or you can remove things from the background.


You can add different transitions on your photos that will provide them an even cooler and attractive look.

Add stickers

You can add different cool and fun stickers on your photos by using this app.

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