Online tutoring continues to grow: 2022 Overview

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Online tutoring continues to grow: 2022 Overview

Online tutoring is more or as beneficial for 87% of students compared to in-person tutoring.

Because they believe it to be as successful as the conventional in-person approach or perhaps better, teachers, tutors, and students want to maintain the bulk of tuition online.

Who took part in 2022?

The poll included responses from over 2,200 people, including tutors (44%), instructors (29%), students (21%), parents (4%), and online tutoring groups (2%). Although they came from 51 different nations, the bulk of responders (84%) was from the UK.

Tutor attitudes towards online tutoring

According to the poll, online tutoring has established itself strongly because the pandemic caused the majority of tutors to transfer from in-person to online settings.

During the previous 12 months, slightly over half (51%) of all tutors claimed that they had only provided online tutoring; just 3% claimed that they were now only providing in-person teaching.

A small percentage of tutors (14%) wish to resume only providing in-person instruction. Nearly half (48%) of respondents nationwide stated they would prefer a combination of in-person and online tutoring, with 39% choosing to continue just using the latter – a rise of 7% from the 2021 study.

An increase from just under 80% in the study from 2021, a substantial majority of tutors (84%) said that online tutoring was just as successful as in-person tutoring or even more effective.

The main advantage of online tutoring for tutors was the flexibility of scheduling lessons, reaching more students, and lesson recordings, among other important advantages.

Students are finding online tutoring even more effective

The percentage of students who believe online tutoring is equally successful as in-person tutoring is also rising, rising from slightly under 80% in the study from 2021 to 87% in 2022. The primary advantages of online tutoring, according to students, are that they feel more at ease and engaged there and that having access to searchable session recordings helps them study and revise.

Online tutoring is having a significant impact on schools

The majority of the tutoring (88%) was provided online, according to 33% of professors who stated they have utilized outside tutoring at their institution.

According to our 2021 Impact Report with Pearson, when asked to compare online tutoring to in-person tutoring, 80% of teachers said that it was just as effective or more effective because students were more at ease and focused, every lesson was recorded and searchable, and it was simpler to track progress.

53% of instructors reported that it boosted attainment, and 57% stated it increased student confidence. According to 81% of teachers, external tutoring help had a good effect on their pupils. A third (29%) claimed that tuition assistance has narrowed the achievement gap.

Online tutoring is the go-to option, with more to come

These survey findings demonstrate how live online tutoring has solidified its place as a teaching and tutoring tool over the last 12 months and carries on the patterns that were originally evident during the epidemic and its early aftermath.

There is just one way that this trend can go. Online tutoring will be viewed as the primary method for students to get the most out of their education as a result of the development of increasingly complex technologies that allow students to save and categorize their online tutoring information for later revision. If you are looking for a legit online tutoring platform then go ahead and try SolutionInn



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