Both fashion and our Creative Director, Gozi, value music. In Nigeria music plays a huge role in daily life. If you travel to Lagos, you will hear music everywhere. It leaks from every crack and crevice of this noisy city. We take you on a musical tour throughout Nigeria in this post, showcasing the diversity and inventiveness of the country’s music through video snippets of ground-breaking Jazz, Highlife, Jùj, Afrobeat, Reggae, and Afrobeats artists performing live. Nigerian viewers as well as audiences worldwide like these genres.

Traditional Nigerian music originated from a practical purpose in earlier times and was frequently played to commemorate rites like weddings or funerals. Agriculture also served a purpose. As a result, to keep themselves motivated, labourers in the fields and on boats sang work songs. Northern farmers were supposed to provide musicians when they worked on one another’s crops. The musician inspired the other cooperating farmers by singing laudatory songs about his customer and the group as a whole.

Nigeria music in 19s

By the 1920s, brass instruments, Islamic drumming, and Brazilian styles had all been blended into Yoruba music. The juj style was invented in the 1930s by Baba Tunde King. Juj is a Yoruba word that means to toss anything. Notably, one of Tunde King’s band members frequently performed with his tambourine thrown in the air. Tunde Nightingale used his so was me style to introduce westernized pop influences into juj after World War II. His fashion was well-liked by socialites since it allowed for complimenting party goers. Another possible double meaning of so me is the beads his dancers carried on their hips.

Improvement in Nigeria music

Current mainstream Nigerian music is referred to as Afro beatsor Afro pop. Afro beats is a term used mostly to describe the confluence of sounds from Ghana and Nigeria. It was first mistaken for Afro beat, which enraged die-hard Afro beat aficionados who detested its trite themes.You can easily get the all Naija music Download free from beatnaija. Com. Nigerians love listening to popular music from street DJs, bars, weddings, and music festivals. Grab a mix CD from Alaba market, street hawkers, or a local DJ to be in the know before the internet catches on. Davido, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy, and Wizkid are a few of the musicians influencing Nigerian popular music. Themes like love, money, partying, and some of society’s vices like internet fraud are prevalent. The latest in pop music, afrobeats features well-known musicians.


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