Moving Companies London: 10 tips for an easy and stress-free move

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Moving is never easy. From planning to packing, with these 10 tips you’ll learn how to organize a move without stress and Moving Companies London.

How to organize a move like real professionals:

We know, removals are never easy, whether it’s large or small removals, it is always necessary to organize, plan and box and pack everything. You’ve probably already searched a million pieces of information about moving online, but we guarantee you that with our 10 tips you’ll learn how to move house without the stress and everything will go smoothly!

To organize an easy move, make a to-do list

When you are dealing with a move, you have to think about so many things that it can happen that you miss it! Don’t miss any of these important tasks and reminders. Write it all down somewhere. No detail is too insignificant. Did you just remember the name of the little bookstore in town that accepts your used novels? Have you found some cheap moving boxes online? Need to pick up packing materials? Write it down.

The secret to super-efficient removals?

Get rid of anything you no longer need. It may seem silly, but getting rid of everything you don’t use or don’t want to take with you can really make moving house easier! In fact, in this way, not only will you be able to make up your mind, but you will also streamline all the packing operations and the organization of your objects in the moving boxes! This is because you will have fewer items to prepare and you will avoid carrying things that only take up space. You could also donate or sell what you no longer use . If it’s about objects in good condition, don’t throw them away, donate them or sell them. You will be able to gain more space for what you really need!

Moving Boxes: Your new best friends for organizing your stuff

The secret to smart moving is to arrange all similar items in suitable moving boxes. In this way you will be able to have all your books, clothes, kitchen utensils and so on in one place, thus managing to find all your things easily and when you need them.

Choose the right size moving boxes

Use smaller boxes for heavier items , this will help you better balance the weight of the various boxes. Also be careful not to fill them too much, because they could yield in transport or make you tire excessively, nor too little, because you would find yourself overwhelmed by half-empty boxes!

Label all your boxes

Don’t overlook the importance of having all your items well organized upon arrival at your new home, it’s a trick you’ll appreciate when it comes to unpacking everything!
If you label the boxes when you prepare them, you won’t have to open them all in the new house, but you ‘ll already know where to look !Tip: Use a clear box for things you’ll need right away
Having a few essential items close at hand will make you feel more at ease and prepared to deal with unpacking everything else.

Protect fragile items

Use bubble wrap for more delicate items, this way you will avoid the risk of them breaking. it is very important to use packaging material to secure the most fragile objects! Don’t stack your dishes horizontally in a box. Wrap your plates and bowls in wrapping paper , carefully box them upright, and then stuff the gaps with bubble wrap to keep them from cracking and breaking.

Seal the moving boxes with tape

In this way you will keep the boxes tightly closed, avoiding spills and jolts of objects that could break, plus transporting the boxes will be much easier and safer .

Do you want bombproof packaging?

Use the original boxes for your electronic devices. Electronic items such as televisions are usually very delicate, so they can get damaged or break during the move. If you still have the original containers at home that they were in when you bought them, you can reuse them. They are designed precisely for the transport of these appliances.

Pack your bags in advance

Chances are you won’t be able to unpack everything on your first day, so pack a bag with everything you need to feel relaxed and settled on your first night. A change of clothes, your toiletries, a bottle of water, and your laptop can go a long way in making your new place feel more like home. Don’t rush to the last minute to prepare them! The most convenient and least stressful thing is to prepare them a little at a time, so you don’t forget anything.

Rely on a professional moving company

When it comes to small area moves, you may consider doing everything yourself, from packing to transporting. However, keep in mind that when you move house, the matter becomes more complicated. For example, bulkier furniture may not fit in your car. If you need to transport medium-sized furniture, you could rent a moving van. Otherwise, for bulkier furniture (such as a large non-breakable sofa) you may need a moving truck. But if you’re not used to driving them, renting a van could prove to be a great source of stress and Office Removals London.

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