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The Top 10 Most Profitable Cosmetic Brands In The World

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Especially in recent times, it won’t be possible for a woman to go outside without wearing makeup. Cosmetics are the friend of every woman, and at the same time, it is hard to find a woman who doesn’t love to wear makeup. Let’s find out about most profitable cosmetic brands.

There are numerous makeup brands and cosmetics products that have not only gained popularity but also gained fame and fortune of wealth. The changing lifestyle and keenness to look flawless reinforce these makeup brands to invent more quality products. 

Despite being just a cosmetics brand, they have made billions of capital out of it. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the top 10 most profitable cosmetic brands in the world. 

The Top 10 Most Profitable Cosmetic Brands In The World

Below we have discussed the top 10 most profitable cosmetic brands in the world in 2023.

1) Dior

The French designer will always be admired for founding one of the most important and luxurious fashion houses, which has inspired several luxury, fashion, and beauty industries over the years. Dior’s fashion products are generally synonymous with aristocratic class and elegance. 

Almost every Dior product is marketed for women, but now they have segmented classes for men and children too. Their luxurious products like lipsticks or face powder all cost expensive, but at the same time, they are worth it. Apart from that, Dior is the most expensive foundation brand in the world. 

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2) Maybelline

Another one of the most popular and affordable makeup brands out there is Maybelline. Generally, it is the subsidiary brand of L’Oreal. The founding history of Maybelline has an interesting history. The 19-year-old Thomas Lyle Williams watched his sister mixing vaseline, burnt cork, and coal dust to give a fuller, darker look to her eyes. 

Then he got the ideas from that, and then he modified this mixing with some chemical components and later marketed this local product called “Lash-Brow-Line.” After that, this product was followed up with several eye products and mascara. In that way, Maybelline, the famous and luxurious cosmetics brand, was born. 

3) Shiseido 

Every woman may not be aware of this beauty product named “Shiseido,” but it has been around us for the past few years. For more than 140 years, it has been one of the most precise cosmetics brands for women. 

The main origin of this company is in Japan. It was founded in the year 1872. At that time, it was initially a pharmacy, then a restaurant. Later it was eager to bring ice cream to Japan. 


In 1917 it was first invented the rainbow face powder of almost seven different shades that users could choose from instead of just one traditional white color. In recent times Shiseido has more than 25,000 outlets across the world.

4) Clarins 

Another luxurious French cosmetic brand is Clarins. It was founded by a medical student who has created several luxury products sourced entirely from organic materials like plants, etc. Clarins cosmetics are not only sold at cosmetic’s shops but also in selected and permitted medicine houses. 

The founder of this luxury cosmetic brand is Jacques Courtin Clarins, who also set up The Courtin Arthritis Foundation. In this case, it has played a significant role in further research about rheumatoid arthritis. 

5) Estée Lauder

The multinational company based in the borough of Manhattan, Estee Lauder, began its brand as a skincare brand for women. Later it sold out exactly four products before expanding to makeup, fragrances, and so on. 

Some say that past models of this cosmetics brand were Elizabeth Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Liya Kebede, and so on. Apart from that, almost every well-known makeup brand of today, like M.A.C., Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, La Mer, etc., is owned by this beauty product brand. 

6) Neutrogena

The American-based brand in Los Angeles is Neutrogena. It is now owned by Johnson & Johnson. It was originally founded in the year 1930 as a cosmetic company called “Natone” by Emanuel Stolaroff. Apart from that, this cosmetic company is also popular for its several skincare lines products that focus on several skin treatments like acne treatments, anti-aging treatments, and so on. 

7) Chanel

Another famous brand is Chanel, and it is associated with luxury, haute-couture, and several fashion trends like the “Little Black dress.” The makeup lines are mainly sold out all over the world, including both fashion departments like boutiques and department stores.  

8) Clinique

One of the most successful subsidiary companies of Estee Lauder is Clinique. This brand’s products are well-known for their dermatologically tested products. Apart from that, this brand is the most world-famous brand to use for allergy-tested. Apart from that, these customized products can match one’s skin tone, and also their products are fragrance-free.

9) L’Oreal

The world’s largest company is L’Oreal, and this company was originally founded by Eugene Paul Louis Schueller. The young chemist developed this brand in 1909. This brand is not only famous for luxury cosmetic products but also famous for different customized hair dye products as well.  

10) M.A.C. cosmetics

One of the most famous cosmetics manufacturing companies is M.A.C. This cosmetic brand was established in Toronto, Canada, but later it was shifted to New York. It is mainly a subsidiary of the Estee Lauder brand.  

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We have discussed some of the best profitable cosmetic brands above in this article. Apart from that, these cosmetics brands are the best not only in providing flawless makeup but also these brands have the responsibility to maintain women’s skin quality.

Thank you for reading till the end. Now lets find out about most expensive foundation brands in the world.

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