moose knuckle coat
moose knuckle coat

Know Why Moose Knuckle Coat Has The Best Winter Jackets!

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Canada Goose and Moncler are the leaders in the market for high-end performance outerwear. They don’t allow many opportunities for a new entrant because they are fierce rivals in a small specialized market. 

Only a few groups of customers spend more than $1,000 on a down parka when perfectly adequate ones can be found everywhere for much less. However, former CEO of Coach/Tapestry Victor Luis recognized an opening in a new company called Moose Knuckles, which was launched by two young Canadians named Noah Stern and Ayal Twik. moose knuckle coat

TWiki has a strong background in fashion, while Stern hails from a family with a century of expertise in the manufacture of parkas and outerwear.

Together, they have rapidly expanded moose knuckle coat into a global brand with youthful vigor and a disruptor mentality by putting a more body-conscious fashion twist on the classic puffer jacket’s “Michelin Man” shape.

And its catchy moniker, “Who knew moose have knuckles,” says everything you need to know about how the brand is handling the competition from the leading, most enduring names in the market.

After investing early in the business, Luis, who is now the CEO, declared that Moose Knuckles “is founded on Canadian craft with the finest quality materials and ultimate function, mixed with a body-conscious fit. moose knuckle coat

” Moose Knuckles’ young irreverence and fashionable positioning have quickly elevated us to third place among all brands of performance outerwear worldwide.

Twik continued, “We’ve naturally established ourselves as the streetwear brand in outerwear. Although we take the technical parts of our product extremely seriously, we also believe that it should be enjoyable. This is understood by our younger readership.

Getting Going

Two Ryerson design grads came up with the idea for the moose knuckle coat in 2009. They turned to Stern for assistance because the Freed & Freed family business ran a plant in Winnipeg that initially made clothing for Eaton’s department store before moving on to make jackets for the Canadian military and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. moose knuckle coat

For a long time, it also held the London Fog license in Canada.

All different types of cold-weather garments, including down, wool, and raincoats, were taught to us how to create, according to Stern. “We know how to produce to the greatest standards to support the military in arctic conditions. 

We understand cold because Winnipeg is one of the coldest major cities in the globe, and we can provide the best apparel available anywhere. Stern and Twik acquired the Moose Knuckles idea in 2010 after realizing its potential to upend the conventional down coat industry.

We characterized our objective as “creating the warmest coat that flatters the figure, so a man or woman may still feel gorgeous wearing it” after observing the industry and noticing the same “sleeping bag,” puffy, boxy designs. moose knuckle coat

Observation of Details Research by Kansas State University’s Institute of Environmental Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of Moose Knuckles in protecting against cold weather. moose knuckle coat


In comparison to four other parkas of similar quality, including those from Canada Goose and Moncler, the Moose Knuckles Stirling Parka was shown to have the highest overall thermal insulation value. 

According to Stern, producing a down parka is one of the most difficult types of clothing. “We use over 100 separate parts made of about 60 different materials, all of which must work together and communicate with one another. It is technical. Take the zipper on the jacket.

“Zippers are our absolute obsession. We turned to a Japanese business that reengineered a metal zipper used in furniture to create a freeze-free zipper just for us since we wanted one that would never freeze. “The majority of our rivals use plastic zippers, but we exclusively employ the most luxurious fabrics available to man. 

I could give you a comparable account of all the more than 60 materials that go into our jackets, and our zipper is what he said. Fashion-forward Moose Knuckles’ utilitarian features having been established, the company’s task of delivering on its fashion profile became increasingly difficult.

Fun, Fit, Function

The rapid expansion of moose knuckles coat the past twelve years is evidence that the company is living up to its promise of fun, fit, and function.

“Moose Knuckles began in our Canadian home, then foreign travelers learned about our fantastic product and our distinctive tale. Today, we’ve established a company that is equally distributed around North America, Europe, and Asia, according to CEO Luis. “Most brands thrive in one market before expanding internationally, but we’ve developed our global presence concurrently. As we extend out, we observe a lengthy runway.

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