Microwave Oven Repair Service

How to Repair Microwave Oven Service at Home?

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Many people now have microwave oven to heat their meals quickly. Although this device cannot replace a traditional oven, a failure in this one is quickly considered to be problematic. However, there is nothing to panic about your microwave oven repair service. If you carefully follow the different steps that Direct Repair describes, you will find that repairing a microwave is not that difficult. But if your microwave oven still does not work you can hire any professionals for your microwave oven repair service.

How a microwave works

The operation of the microwave oven is very simple. The magnetron emits waves in the enclosure of the oven. The enclosure of this oven is metallic. This shielding makes it possible to limit the leakage of waves outside the device. In the oven, there is also a glass tray. This ensures that the waves pass through the oven while absorbed by the food. It is not recommended to place metal objects in your oven. The metal reflects a large part of the waves that strike it. The food will thus have more difficulty heating because it will receive less energy. In addition, electric arcs can also occur. These flashes are damaging both the microwave oven and the metal container, which can sometimes catch fire if the temperature is very high.

What should I do when my microwave oven no longer starts?

A microwave failure is often problematic because we do not know where the problem comes from. However, it is not complicated to diagnose the reason why your microwave oven no longer starts.

Door safety

The door mechanism is equipped with several switches ensuring that it closes properly when the microwave is in operation. The mechanical contacts inside these switches can wear out and stick causing failure. Also, check that no food residue is stuck between the door and the microwave. This could block the opening and closing system of your device.

The fuse

It may ultimately an internal thermal fuse that has melted, one of the most frequent failures in a microwave. This fuse is used to protect both the oven and these users. They cut, in fact, the circuit of the magnetron when it overheats.

The electronic card

Finally, check the electronic card of your oven. A faulty card will not able to process the data to transmitted to your microwave oven efficiently.

Repairing a faulty microwave the easy way

You will find at Direct Repair a wide range of spare parts for your microwave oven repair service for most brands. Finding the right part in our Direct Repair shop is easy. Plus, your parts will delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours so you won’t have to miss your oven for too long. Repairing a microwave, with the help of our repair experts.


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