Lingerie Set Ideas this 2023

Lingerie Set Ideas This 2023

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Increase the level of hotness in this new year. Every year, there are always recent trends that will rise in popularity. A part of innovation that every human in the world does is create new ideas. In the past, there were fashion trends like corsets, shirtwaist dresses, gowns, etc. Throughout the years, lingeries have been worn as undergarments. It helps the women to be more comfortable wearing an undergarment without feeling uncomfortable. However, as time passed, lingeries became a part of the fashion trend for all women to feel hot and sexy.

For the year 2023, there is a guaranteed idea for lingerie sets. Many ladies will think of new ideas to spice things up. Some lingeries will never go out of style, like classical lingeries. Some lingeries are new to the market that is more erotic and lustrous. So what kind of new ideas for lingerie sets should the ladies try to keep up with the latest trend?

Here is a list of Lingerie Set Ideas


The first idea that all the ladies must try is the embroidered lingerie sets. The design is usually stitched onto meshed fabric to have an opaque effect. The embroidered lace supports the panties, or it can also be attached if you want stockings to match the set. This set of lingeries is the first choice of all the ladies that will open their wardrobes. If you still use plain black lingerie, consider getting yourself a pair of embroidered lingerie with a satin bra set.

The set comes in a navy blue color with a gold accent. The color gives the vibes of being superior, which will surely love by your partner. If you aren’t a fan of the navy blue color, there is still another color to choose from. However, the navy blue and gold color create the perfect combination for a sexy lingerie set for 2023.


If you look forward to seeing the summer season in 2023, this lingerie design is perfect. The criss-cross bra sets are matched with neon colors. With its sleek design, it is perfect for a tropical outfit. Unlike regular neon lingerie sets, the criss-cross can experiment with different combinations. Due to its unique design can easily be paired with a separate panty or bra, whether you wear the bra and other panties or use the panty with a different bra.

The lingerie set has adjustable shoulder straps, hooks, and an eye-back closure. If you aren’t a fan of lingerie sets that don’t look good when paired with different others, then this one is the right choice for you. The lace on the chest area can focus the cleavage to have a more shaped and textured appearance. And with the neon lace at the waist will accentuate the sassiness of your unique lingerie set.


Classic lingerie for 2023 isn’t that bad. With the new fashion trends every year, the classic marabou lingerie now has a flirty twist. Although the lingerie has a simple design, it is one of the desired outfits by many. The marabou is excellent to wear during Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Surely your partner will be in awe with the simple yet elegant-looking lingerie.

For the satin set, you can try to wear a red thong and pair it with a 1950s version of a bra. It will give a genuine nostalgia, yet it still keeps up with the trend. Same with the other designs, the marabou set also comes with adjustable shoulders and a hook. It makes perfect sense why this type of lingerie should be essential to someone’s wardrobe. In addition to this, satin is a very comfortable fabric to wear.


Another modern classic with a spicy twist is the other version of maribou sets. The design of this lingerie has a leopard pattern on the bra as well as the panty. It still resembles the 50s fashion trends with the fur in the bras, and it can surely make its way to the fashion trends in 2023. If you are into feline roleplay and want to look like Catwoman, the leopard print will help you achieve that. Unlike the standard maribou sets, it easily matches the pattern even if you have plain black stockings.



It became a tradition for everyone that when someone is looking forward to a new year, they have to be better than last year. Whatever fashion trends come up, you will have unique ideas. However, you can always grab a good old bra and thong lingerie set for those who don’t want to be left out by the trend.

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