Let those blooms last for a few more days

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Flowers bouquets are the best things that one can consider as a gift. One can send them to their near and dear ones on special days to make them happy. It can also never go wrong when one wants to wish people on their success and achievement.

To send flowers in pakistan, it is easy to order fresh flower arrangements from online florists as they can be delivered right on time. But once the flowers are plucked, they need to be taken some extra care of. Otherwise, the flower fail to remain fresh.

Ways to keep cut flowers fresh

  • First of all, one has to choose the right kind of container. One needs to provide flowers with a clean vase without any residue left there. More fragile flower need a taller vase and one needs to cut the heavier blooms short to place them in a low vase where they can get extra room to spread out.
  • It is necessary to cut 2 inches off the flower stems before placing them in water. One can do that with garden shears but sometimes regular scissors can also work. The stems are needed to be cut at a 45-degree angle to increase the surface area so that they can get a good water flow.
  • The water in the vase needs to be at the right temperature. most of the flowers are best kept in room temperature water. The bulb flower are kept best in cool or even in cold water. One has to fill the vase with 3 quarters of water and top them with the cut flowers.
  • Prune all the leaves that go below the waterline. Any leaves that are submerged underwater can cause bacterial growth because they rot. So, it is very important to check the flowers regularly and remove all the underwater leaves.
  • One has to maintain the flowers consistently. Replace the dirty vase water with fresh water and cleanse the vase every alternate day. Dirty waters can lead to bacterial growth and it will lead to wilting.
  • Keeping cut flowers away from the harsh environment is a must. One should not keep fresh flowers in direct sunlight or near hot appliances. Because harsh climates can let the cut flowers wilt sooner.
  • Nurturing flower with flower food is also very important. Special mixtures are available and they are essential to keep the cut flowers last for a long. These food packets contain acidifiers and sugar to control the pH of water.
  • Slowing down wilting can also be possible with a few drops of vodka. One can pour a few drops of alcohol in the vase water or even a few drops of bleach so that they can kill the bacteria.


Even after following all of these the duration of flower being fresh depends on the season and the type of flower and its arrangements. If one wants to send flowers pakistan one can order from online florists. Both seasonal and regular blooms are available there and one can send them across any country. Both occasional and standard sprouts are accessible there and one can send them across any country.

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