Learn How to Draw Joker Drawing For Kids | Tutorial

Learn How to Draw Joker Drawing For Kids | Tutorial

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Drawing For Kids have you ever wished you could draw cartoon characters? Warning: the process is lengthy. But if you’re determined, you can master the skill of cartoon figure drawing. Drawing For Kids all comes down to using the appropriate software tools, adhering to directions, and practicing, practicing, practicing. We’re utilizing the Joker from Suicide Squad as our model for this tutorial, which we drew.

Step By Step Joker Drawing For Kids


  • The first thing you should do is choose a page preset. This entails adjusting the page settings to the preferred page size and type.
  • For this project, we’ll choose a page setting of 3973 x 4747 pixels. Moreover, we’ll employ a 72-pixel resolution.
  • The ideal method for creating a cartoon person or character is to start with a base sketch. However, it is possible to begin with, a digital basis sketch, which is what we’ll be doing. Some individuals prefer hand sketching.
  • You can create a digital basis drawing manually if you’re experiencing trouble doing so. Draw a quick outline on paper, scan it, and then upload it into Adobe Photoshop. Even if the sketch is a little sloppy, it doesn’t matter. The rough drawing is not necessary for the finished output.


  • After you have finished your base sketch, adding color is the next step. You must place the drawing layer on top and lower its opacity to 40%–50%.
  • Please create a new layer after that and name it after the part of the body you wish to color first. For instance, designate that layer “head” if you wish to color the head first.


  • To etch out the trousers and toe joints, apply the same procedure as you did for the muscles and facial expressions.
  • Please choose the area on the character where the wounds should be, then paint it using the same gentle brush.
  • To give the teeth a metallic appearance, use darker greys and white colors [Hardness: 0%; Spacing: 25%; Opacity: 25%; Flow: 25%].
  • Then, in the same manner, we detailed the toes and added joints to the fingers and gloves.


  • The light tones are now over. Therefore, this stage aims to give our cartoon character darker shadows.
  • You must understand how shadows and lighting affect various areas—studying the environment and how light and shadow function in various contexts will help you do this.


  • The first step in finishing your Joker animation is to merge all the layers:
  • Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen
  • Choose the Dodge tool and Brush 30 [Hardness: 0%; Spacing: 25%; Exposure: 20%] as your highlight settings.
  • To the area where the light is falling, use the dodge tool.
  • We’re done when you apply a gradient backdrop using the Gradient tool.

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