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Know These 5 Health Insurance Terms And Conditions Before Buying

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It makes sense to get comprehensive health insurance, given the high costs of hospitalisation, therapies, and medication. To ensure you get the best value for your money and the right coverage, you must understand the essential terms used in health insurance. 


The five terms related to health insurance are elaborate below.


No-Claim Bonus (NCB)


According to the terms of Niva Bupa health insurance, if you don’t file any claims, your insurer will give you a cumulative bonus, or NCB. Every year you go without making a claim, your insurance coverage, or sum insured, typically grows by 5%, up to a maximum of 50%. 


Each insurer offers a different type of NCB and discount rate. For instance, several insurers now increase your coverage by 100% instead of 50%. Talk to your insurer to learn more about how a claim will affect the incentives you have collected


Waiting Period


The time frame that you are prohibit from submitting a claim under your health insurance is known by this term in the insurance industry. The waiting period varies depending on the insurance policy. In general, there are three types of waiting times. 


The first waiting period is when, barring an accident, your claim will be reject if you need hospitalisation within the first 30-90 days of acquiring the policy. However, this time frame might be variable for other insurance firms. 


The waiting period for existing illnesses is the second. You must disclose any diseases for which you have previously had treatment or are still receiving it before acquiring a health insurance policy. There is a waiting period before your insurer will consider a claim for pre-existing conditions. These could have a one to four-year waiting period.


Some medical issues are subject to the third category of waiting periods. The insurance establishes a waiting time, often one to two years, during which it will not entertain a claim for a particular sickness. For example, depending on the policy and the insurer, some health insurance policies only offer maternity benefits after a 9–36 month waiting period.




Certain plans include a co-payment clause. When referring to health insurance, you might be accountable to share a part of the claim’s cost. A proportion of the claim’s total cost is typically use to reflect your out-of-pocket expenses. For instance, if the co-payment requirement is 10% and your claim is for Rs. 20,000, you will be required to pay Rs. 2,000 out of pocket. Insurers frequently incorporate a co-payment clause when the risk is substantial, such as in a senior citizen’s health insurance coverage.



Only claims that exceed the deductible will be require to be paid for. The deductible is a predetermined sum that may be subtracted from the claim amount. To put simply, the fraction of the claim not covered by insurance is the deductible. Before your insurer covers losses, you are required to pay this amount. 

The cost of this medical terminology is often decided when insurance is purchase. Deductibles are primarily used to stop people from filing frivolous claims or seeking unneeded medical attention or hospitalisation simply because they have insurance coverage.


Free-Look Period


On the recommendation of a friend, someone may have purchased the best health insurance, only to discover later that the benefits and conditions do not meet their requirements. The free-look period is helpful in this situation.


Within a predetermined period after acquiring your insurance, the free-look period enables you to assess your policy and return it if it doesn’t fit your needs.




Pick a health plan that covers a variety of medical disorders, and carefully review the terms and conditions of your health insurance. Make sure the coverage meets each family member’s needs when buying health insurance. Consider your requirements, choose plans based on features and costs, and select a plan that satisfies your requirements. With several benefits, Niva Bupa health insurance provides the most suitable health insurance coverage. Their health insurance coverage might provide financial security for you and your family.

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