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You come across different pictures in your daily life! Each picture that you see on different digital devices like laptops, mobile, tablets, and much more are available in different formats. Ever wondered or get fascinated by the embroidery or design on jackets, hats, hoodies, or any items? Well, it all became possible due to embroidery digitizing.

Yes, you have heard it right! But for the process, you cannot use the standard image formats like PNG, JPG, or any other on the list. Why? Well, the reason is simple: these formats are not supported by the embroidery machines. Instead, the machines need embroidery-specific formats like DST, EMB, JEF, and many more file formats that vary depending on the machine used for the work.

Today, in the following blog, we are about to discuss how the conversion process happens. How can you convert the standard format into an embroidery-specific format that will be JPG to DST? Let’s have a look at each and everything in a detailed way starting with the formats:

JPG Format

This format is a file that has the image data in compressed form. The ratio of compression is 10:1 which is very compact and the image details are retained in it. Don’t forget that it is a very popular format for sharing photos and different other images. The sharing usually happens across mobile and PC.

One of the best things about this format is that you can easily store a large number of images in a small amount of space. The images are widely used for printing and editing. To edit the images, you can use software such as CorelDraw. Moreover, you can consider using online converters to convert JPG to DST or any other format.

Some other regular formats that are converted to DST format or any other embroidery-specific formats that include the EPS and PNG as well which we are going talk about as follows:

PNG: It is called the Portable Network Graphic which is a raster file that is mostly used by web designers. The format is capable of handling transparent and semi-transparent backgrounds. The file is capable of handling 16 million colors which is a unique feature of this file. Moreover, you can open this type of file using image editing software without the need for licensing.

EPS: EPS is a vector file that is used by professionals for good-quality image printing. PostScript printers and image setters use EPS for creating a large number of detailed images like billboard advertising, large posters, and eye-catching marketing materials. In addition, the EPS has bitmap data which helps you to maintain the individual coding on the color and size.

DST Format

It is an embroidery-specific file that can be read by many embroidery machines. Firstly, it was introduced by Tajima which is one of the popular names in the list of embroidery machine manufacturers. For this machine to work, the JPG to DST conversion is a must! You may use other standard formats as well but the end file for the machine will be DST.

You must know that modern computerized machines are very smart and efficient as compared to manual machines in the past. The different operations are entirely or semi-automated. In comparison to the traditional hand embroidery machines where the person has to place every stitch needs to be done with great attention. In this case, the effort was more but now you don’t have to be doing this by hand because machines are here to do it efficiently in less time.

Now, one of the important questions that circle in the minds of different people is how a machine will know where the stitch needs to be done as the patterns can be different in design and size. The answer to this question is that the machine is operated by the embroidery-specific file which has all the instructions for the machine to do the stitching. The file here will be DST or it can be like EMB, JEF, and many more. If these files are not available then the machines are not able to do the work as they will not understand the information present in the standard files.

JPG to DST Conversion

One thing to remember is that it is not a simple conversion! The DST file is created from scratch and it is a thing that not every person can do easily. Professional involvement is a must to use the file commercially and professionally. The overall process is called embroidery digitizing or you can call it embroidery punching as well.

In the process, you have to import the design in the embroidery digitizing software from JPG or use any other image format. The professional individual who is going to be the main player in the entire process is called an embroidery digitizer. He will be manually placing the stitches, identifying the stitch path, and will be explaining the different parameters inside the software for a specific design. The file that will be prepared by this method is known as the digitized version of the JPG image.

The file conversion is happening due to the use of embroidery digitizing software. Different functions are being used to make the conversion once the file is imported into the software. Some of the popular software that is widely used for the work are the Wilcox Embroidery Studio, Hatch, Embird, Brother Embroidery Software, and many more.

How To Get JPG to DST Service?

As explained above, it is a process that needs input from professionals so it can’t be done by any person who has little knowledge about it. If you are not able to do it on your own, then it is better to get professional services from a skilled embroidery digitizing company near your area.

Wondering how to do all this? Below is the thing that you can do to get your work done:

Do An Online Search

Conduct an online search on Google or use any other search engine like Bing or any other you like. You have to search for the embroidery digitizing companies in your specific area or in the city to get the different options. Once you type the query, you will see different website links of the companies. You can open the link to have a look at the company’s profile to get the JPG to DST file conversion service.

Hire Skilled Company

Go through the services page of each company’s website to pick your desired service which in the present case is the file conversion. You can check the portfolio of the company to get a better understanding of their work quality. In addition, check their social media pages to see what customers are saying about their experience.

The next thing you have to keep in your mind is the price of the services. It is best to get the service from the company that offers the best quality work at a reasonable price. The best way to get an idea about the price is to get quotes from two or three different companies. After that, you can pick one that provides you with the best rates.

One thing you should not forget is to inquire about the delivery time from the company before you close the deal. It will be better to finalize the delivery so that there should not be any kind of inconvenience or delays that might create problems for you later. For more info please visit

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