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How to use the automatic transmission-Automatic car lessons!

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The automatic transmission is undoubtedly a very comfortable and very pleasant thing in driving with Automatic car lessons. The classic automatic changes, in general, automatic driving lessons are quite reliable and long-lived, but you have to know how to use them and the things that absolutely cannot be done.

Before reading the article you have to be careful not to confuse the classic automatic transmission and the robotic gearbox. The rules of use are slightly different, Automatic car lessons. You can better understand the differences between the various types of change here.

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List of things to avoid with automatic changes

The automatic transmission does not like the frequent movements of the gear lever
Many people have a habit, every time they stop for a couple of seconds (at the traffic light or in traffic or when they wait for the courtyard gate to open), Automatic car lessons, to make the change in n or p parking. Putting in crowds is good for a manual gearbox, but in no case, often moving the gear lever, is good for the automatic transmission. This is determined by the very different structure between the various changes and therefore on the automatic one, it is better to avoid this.

Automatic driving lessons

Other motorists love to put the gearbox in crazy even during the march. First, this behavior is very dangerous and is to be avoided on any type of gearbox. And secondly, the automatic transmission is not only dangerous but also damages very various components of the gearbox. At the very moment of the positioning of the lever in the crowd, nothing serious happens. The worst moment is when the d drive mode is put on, at that moment you can hear a slight blow and this is a symptom of strong effort, damage, and greater wear of many components of the gearbox.

Various components of the gearbox

Try to avoid these behaviors, the automatic transmission loves to stay in the same position for all the travel time. Put in P or N only in moments of the more long stop.

Do not put the back when the car is not still stopped
Certainly, all of us sometimes hurry, or we are energetic and we love to do everything quickly. These factors often lead us to make a big mistake with automatic transmission, automatic driving instructor in Birmingham. Often, for example, when you want to park, the driver inserts the back before the car is completely firm. This causes a big shot on the various elements of the gearbox as he positioned himself to go back. The same applies when you go back and insert DRSE before the car is completely firm.

You are not in a hurry and wait for the car to be completely firm, so your change will have a long life.

The automatic transmission does not like aggressive departures

Many love to leave quickly from the traffic light, especially young people and especially on powerful machines. It is very pleasant, but this gradually kills your change. The fast starting methods from the traffic light are varied, some more serious and others less.

The classic departure is when the lunge and the least destructive pedal are simply pressed. In cases of necessity, you can also do that.

Automatic car driving lessons

The departure with the brake pedal is when the brake pedal is pressed and in the meantime, you also press the accelerator to increase the engine rpm and have more power. This way is of medium severity and largely depends on the number of turns that are given to the engine before removing the brake. If you need, you can do it, but you are very careful not to overdo it with the number of laps.

Automatic car instructor

The departure in crowds, when initially you are in the crowd and crush the accelerator to increase the number of laps, then once the desired number of laps is reached, the gearbox in Drive mode is made. This way is the worst of all and is absolutely to be avoided. In this way, a lot of power is transmitted, and therefore a lot of effort on the change elements. 3-4 departures of the genre particularly aggressive could also be enough to completely ruin an automatic transmission.

The automatic transmission loves sweetness and does not like aggression. If you want a change that will never give you problems, you have to have a light foot from Fermi, then when you already have some speed, you can also press the Unhasting, automatic car lessons.

Use the Position P Parking well

Position P Parking is used when the machine is left to stop. But many make some mistakes when they use this position.

Between the most frequent errors and that people put in P before the car is completely firm. This involves a serious blow on the changes of gearbox that come into operation in this mode.

Another serious mistake, it is only the gearbox in P and not put the handbrake, Automatic car instructor. Certainly, the gearbox in P stands for B.

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