How to Get DAC Number & Book Gas Cylinder Online

How to Get DAC Number & Book Gas Cylinder Online

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Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is delivered to Indian homes primarily by Bharat Gas. The business provides a range of cylinders for both domestic and industrial use. 

A single customer service number has recently been made available by the company to book gas cylinders nationwide. Additionally, Gas booking can be done via the app, SMS, WhatsApp, IVRS services, and other platforms all let users make LPG reservations.

This article will discuss how to get a DAC number and the different ways to make an online gas reservation. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Concerning about The Bharat gas booking DAC number

The Bharat gas booking DAC number is a four-digit number used to verify whether or not you are the actual customer who has booked the refill. It functions similarly to your OTP to complete your LPG online booking transaction. You must provide this four-digit code to your delivery boy and complete your transaction by accepting the refill. DAC is an abbreviation for delivery authentication code.

What is its Benefit?

If cylinders are only provided to those who have this code, then only you will receive your cylinder. The supplying agencies will be unable to black it out, and they will be unable to sell it even if delivery is delayed. This will operate on a single system, and when the time for delivery of your cylinder arrives, you will receive the cylinder at the same time. As a result, black selling and other illegal activities have ceased, and domestic cylinders are now available to everyone on time.

New Booking Number for Bharat Gas

The IVRS service can also be used to reserve Bharat gas cylinders. All you have to do is dial the number from your registered mobile number. If you have not yet signed up for the IVRS service, you can do so by doing the following:

  • Launch the Phone app on your smartphone and dial 7718955555.
  • You will be prompted to enter your 16-digit customer ID, which usually begins with 7. You can find this information on your LPG invoices, cash memos, or subscription vouchers.
  • After that, the IVRS service will prompt you to enter the last four digits of your 16-digit LPG ID or the last four digits of your Aadhaar number, which you can obtain from your Bharat distributor.
  • Your phone number will then be registered for Bharat gas cylinder refill booking.

Here’s how to do it now that you’ve registered your mobile number for automatic refill booking:

  • Dial 7718955555 from your registered mobile phone number and choose your preferred language.
  • The 16-digit LPG online booking ID number will be announced by the system. Press 1 to confirm and reserve Bharat gas through the IVRS service.
  • Once confirmed, you will receive a confirmation SMS with your booking number and other information.

How to Book a Bharat Gas Cylinder Via SMS

Customers may also place an SMS order for Bharat LPG online booking. However, you must first sign up for an account. To do this, send an SMS to 7718955555. The last four digits of your Aadhaar number, or your 16-digit customer ID space> UID, or your 16-digit customer ID space> SV, must be entered (the last 4 digits of the subscription voucher). After that, you can reserve a Bharat gas cylinder via SMS by sending the word “REFILL” to the number 7718955555.

How to Book a Bharat Gas Cylinder Using WhatsApp

You can also book your LPG online booking cylinder through WhatsApp application. This service, however, is only available to register mobile numbers. Here’s how you can go about it.

  • Save the phone number 7588888824 to your Android or iOS device.
  • Launch the WhatsApp app and look for the number on the platform.
  • Open the chat window and enter the message REFILL. Simply tap to send it now.

Book a Bharat Gas Cylinder Using Bajaj Finserv App: 

 If you want to make Bharat Gas Online Booking with quick pay option then you need to download Bajaj Finserv app and start using it today, they are providing cashback on recharges & bill payments with multiple payment options such as credit & debit card, UPI, Wallet, etc.


Customers can get their Bharat gas booking cylinders refilled without leaving their homes if they book through the app or website. Customers can use the new WhatsApp and SMS method by sending a single SMS or WhatsApp message to the designated number.

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