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How to get 100% marks in a law degree?

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When it comes to the material covered in class, law exams can be extremely difficult at times. Long verdicts that are 700 pages long and textbooks that are 1000 pages long will undoubtedly stress you out. But don’t be alarmed! In this blog article, I’m going to provide you with some advice that will help you do well in your examinations.

When entering the test room, the majority of students occasionally begin to panic and hyperventilate upon seeing the question paper. This might be the case since passing that particular law course is occasionally required, or it could be that you’re putting too much pressure on yourself to get a high grade.

Why should one get good grades?

A worse grade on your law school papers has a terrible impact on your resume. Nowadays, most businesses give great consideration to the candidates’ grades/CGPA before offering internships. A student’s honesty and diligence are also demonstrated by a good CGPA.

Additionally, it is helpful when waiting for interviews. It leaves a favorable impression on the hiring committee. As a result, getting good grades on tests is essential for law school.

This post will give you some insightful tips that you may utilize when you study for your examinations.

Tips to get 100% marks in law degree

The first year is crucial

The first year is the most crucial for setting yourself up for success. Lay the basis now for the simpler rest of your university career. “Start as you mean to go on,” makes an effort to stand out, and the lecturers will remember you, naturally because of your good habits and examples. A strong initial impression will serve you well for the whole of your academic career. Additionally, it is becoming more and more common for legal firms to hire law students very early in their careers, so getting off to a strong start increases your chances of landing a job.

Don’t ever stop reading

One of the most fundamental pieces of advice that might prove useful to law students is this. The most important study skill throughout law school is reading. Without a reading habit, a legal student cannot get through those years of school. People in the world know that law students read a lot. You must comprehend and educate yourself on the law every week.


DO IT if your professor gives out a practice question and requests that you submit your response by a specified deadline so that she can review it. Before your performance is graded, this is an excellent chance to get your professor’s opinion and make any necessary improvements.


Exams that your professor has already given are preferred. You can use this to learn how your lecturer creates their tests. The Fowler School of Law Library has a collection of previous tests that were created by legal academics. 

Choose a previous exam for which a sample answer is available wherever it is possible. By doing so, you may compare your response to the example and gauge how well you did. Ask your lecturer to examine and comment on your response if there isn’t a sample answer on file. But do not wait until the very last minute to ask your professor to check your response. Your lecturer is more likely to have time to review your response the earlier you inquire.

Creating a routine

To achieve excellent marks, a law student must adhere to a structured schedule. Success in a law school depends on developing and adhering to a schedule.

You may manage your stress and get a jump start on your peers by developing a routine early on. Maintaining the habit will also assist you in effectively managing your time. Almost everything should be a part of your routine. The time when you are studying should be when you are the most awake and focused.

Routines aid in developing discipline. You need a set schedule to go through law school.


 Many students lament the lack of time for briefing cases, creating outlines, and/or sitting for practice examinations. They’re mistaken! By organizing your schedule in advance, you’ll have enough time to complete all of law school’s requirements and yet have time for some leisure activities.

Continually take notes

One of the most crucial things to do while preparing for a law exam is this. You might not be able to remember everything that is covered in the subjects because the information is so varied. Make notes of the items you believe are important and will enable you to perform well on exam day.

It is hard to take notes on everything your professor says in the lecture hall.

So, go ahead and make a note of the crucial information. You’ll need to be well-read for this. Additionally, research the subjects that the professor will cover in your next lecture.


Even though law school can be stressful because you have to write many Law Dissertation Topics, there are a variety of steps you can take to reduce stress. A fantastic stress reliever is humor. Make time for exercise; lugging 100 pounds of legal books about all day is not considered exercise. Regularly consume whole grain, fruit, and vegetable-based items; a diet Coke and a bag of Ding-Dongs are hardly a balanced breakfast. 

Avoid consuming too much coffee and opt to drink lots of water instead. Sleep for at least seven hours every night. Continue to lead a normal life except for law school. You won’t be able to do all the things you liked doing before you started law school, but you don’t have to give them up completely.


You can find numerous articles online that provide exam tips with Contract Law Assignment Help. Browse them, just as you are browsing this one, but don’t get fixated on strictly adhering to every piece of advice ever written. Exam success ultimately comes down to figuring out what works for you and executing it as effectively as you can.


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