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How to do Self Video Inspection for Car Insurance Renewal in India?

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The car insurance renewal process is simplified with the help of a self-inspection video. To do this, simply record a short video on your phone and submit it to your insurance company. The major goal of this function is to facilitate the swift and painless renewal of a lapsed car insurance policy.

Having a car used to be a prestige symbol, but that is no longer the case. Cars have nearly become a necessity for most modern families. When you purchase a car, you must make sure that all documentation is kept up to date. A car insurance policy is one of the most crucial documents of all.

If an individual has active car insurance with adequate coverage, they can claim coverage for the damages if their car is involved in an accident. This means they won’t have to worry about the expenses to cover the costs of accidental damage. The insurance company will handle the compensation.

When it comes to four-wheeler insurance coverage, an individual should be aware that they must go through the renewal process on a regular basis. If they do not renew their car insurance on time, it will expire and they will not receive any benefits.

A motor vehicle inspection is one of the most significant aspects of renewing a four-wheeler insurance policy. You don’t have to go anywhere to complete this renewal process because now you can do a self-video examination.

This procedure is also called the pre-policy car insurance inspection and it happens before a policy is renewed. A pre-policy car inspection is done to analyse the car’s condition, find any damage and see if it has an anti-theft device. It is used as a basis for determining the cost of car insurance.

When do you need a car inspection?

If any of the following happen, a car inspection is highly required:

  • When you buy car insurance with zero depreciation for the first time
  • When an individual wants to renew their car insurance after the policy has ended but within 90 days of the end date (break-in period)
  • When choosing own-damage coverage for the first time
  • When changing from third-party coverage to comprehensive coverage for your vehicle
  • While making any changes in the policy during the policy tenure via endorsement, pre-inspection is required
  • You must keep the vehicle’s engine in starting condition before you conduct the inspection

What Is Self-Inspection for car insurance renewal?

Four-wheeler self-inspection video renewal is a feature that enables an insurance company to assess your vehicle through a mobile phone. One should record a car video or capture the necessary images of their vehicle and submit them to their insurance provider. Once the documents are verified, you can get your car insurance renewed from the comfort of your home. Moreover, the insurance company will not compensate an individual if there is a break. If you do not renew your insurance within 90 days, your No Claim Bonus will be back to zero.

No more, you have to wait for inspectors to assess the vehicle to renew the lapsed car insurance. It is much easier with a self-check video.

What to remember before creating a Self-Inspection car insurance video?

There are a few factors to keep in mind before you make a video of your car and send it to the insurance company. Listed below are a few examples

In addition to the car, you must include the RC and the past year’s Policy paper in the video. Keep the documents nearby and create a video of all three of them.

  • You must get the vehicle’s chassis number, which can be found under the front bonnet or right next to the driver’s door. You must confirm that the chassis number is present in the video and is viewable on the car’s body.
  • You must park the vehicle in bright sunlight for the video.
  • Remember to clean your car’s windows and windshield.
  • Before you capture the video, make sure you understand everything about the self-video inspection process.
  • You may have to reshoot the video if it was not recorded properly or according to the insurance company’s criteria.

Please remember that if it does not meet the standards of the insurer, the policy renewal may be denied. Also, after sending the footage of your car, you must guarantee that you receive some form of acknowledgement from the insurer.

Why Choose Self-Video Car Insurance Renewal?

In case you miss renewing your car insurance coverage before its expiration date, we have you covered. Do not panic. You can now quickly renew your car insurance with the ‘self-inspection’ option. Listed below are the advantages of choosing a self-inspection feature.

Save your time

In contrast to a physical examination made by a surveyor assigned by your insurer, self-inspection for renewing an expired car insurance policy will save a substantial amount of time.

Quick Approvals

After verification, the insurer will review the uploaded video and grant approval. In the interim, the physical inspection takes around 1-2 days.

No Surveyor Specialist Required

As a car owner, you have to adhere to the self-inspection video directions.  Even if you lack technological expertise or insurance language knowledge, you can do a self-video analysis without difficulty. There is no necessity for an expert surveyor.

No Paperwork

No documentation is required during the renewal process. This is possible with a smartphone and a reliable internet connection.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what to look for, you can do a self-inspection to get your car insurance renewed. Even though the process is easy, you can skip this step if you renew on time. There are lots of external factors that can delay your renewal payments, but always make sure that it does not affect your No Claim Bonus.

Key Highlights

  • The car insurance renewal process is simplified with the help of a self-inspection video.
  • Four-wheeler self-inspection video renewal is a feature that enables an insurance company to assess your vehicle through a mobile phone.

If you do not renew your insurance within 90 days, your No Claim Bonus will be back to zero.

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