How to Clean Foggy Headlights? - An End-to-End Guide

How to Clean Foggy Headlights? – An End-to-End Guide

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One of the most crucial things a motorist can do for their safety while venturing out at night or in low-light circumstances is to check the functionality of their headlights. Keep reading to know more about the reasons for and ways to clean foggy headlights.

Foggy Headlights: What Is It?

Your car may have foggy headlights if you’ve noticed a significant decrease in the clarity of the light coming from them. The light from a car’s headlamp bulb may sometimes have a yellowish, dirty hue, and drivers may also notice that their headlights are much less bright than usual. Fogging of the headlights is also a cause of this.

In this case, science plays a role in explaining why headlights fog up. These plastic lenses are much more scratch-resistant and long-lasting than the glass lenses used in previous vehicles. As a result of the adjustments, the lenses now filter out the blue light coming from the bulbs, producing a weaker, yellowish glow instead. The good news is that hazy headlights are simple to clear with the  best online car accessories.

In What Ways Do Headlights Fog Up?

All components, including the headlights, should sparkle and shine when you first purchase a vehicle. 


Most modern vehicles have headlights made of polycarbonate material. When exposed to sunshine, polycarbonate material develops small fissures that become yellow, giving the headlights a murky or foggy look, unlike glass, which remains clear.

Headlights made of polycarbonate plastic are normally coated with a film to protect them from the elements. Still, repeated exposure to severe weather causes the film to peel off over time.


Water vapour trapped in your car’s lightbox is another typical cause of dim headlights.

Chemical Buildup And Dirt

Constant road use may dull your car’s headlights to a dull yellow.

The Best Way To Clean Foggy Headlights

You should set aside at least ten minutes and maybe as much as half an hour for each headlamp if the grime and fog are very stubborn.

Scuff off the top layer of the haze using the provided sandpaper. Be careful not to harm the paint when sanding the fog off your headlights. Keep the headlamp moist when sanding; you may use a hose or a pail of water for this.

Don’t worry if your headlights still appear cloudy after all your efforts; that’s normal; when you apply the protective coating, they’ll be clear as day.

Fortunately, you can pick up some UV shielding spray at any auto parts shop if you don’t already have any in your kit. First, dry the headlight with a soft towel and tape it around the headlights before applying the UV protection sealant. 

That way, you won’t have to worry about scratching your automobile’s paint. Do not use the sealant until it has dried completely. Once you’ve finished applying the sealant, park your vehicle in your garage (if you have one) for the night to keep it safe from the elements while it dries. After applying the sealant, your headlights should shine as brightly as the day you bought them.

Steps Of Fixing Foggy Headlights

So, let’s examine how to clean foggy headlights with easy steps.

Remove Any Debris From The Area

Make sure you’re working on a spotless surface before you start. Clean your headlights by spraying them with a mild cleaner and wiping away any dust, debris, dead insects, or another residue.


Towel Dry 

After washing, dry the area thoroughly by wiping it off with a towel or cloth.


Use A Headlight Restorer

Distribute a thick layer of the cleaner you’ll use to clean your headlights, including the one in your headlight repair kit, some toothpaste, or some baking soda. In order to dry the lens somewhat after cleansing, let the cleanser on for a few minutes.


Remove The Cleaner With A Brush

Brush the headlight in gentle, circular movements. Avoid scratching the plastic with the cleaner, since it is abrasive. As you clean the lens, any yellowing or fogging should go away.


Clean Up The Overhead Cleaner

Remove any remaining cleaner from your lens using a clean wipe or towel and buff. Wet a towel to buff away any lingering, dried-on stains.


How To Clean Foggy Headlights With Toothpaste?

If you want to give toothpaste a go at cleaning foggy headlights, go for it! Baking soda-based toothpaste is the most effective kind.

Start using Windex or a soap and water solution to clean the headlights. The next step is to apply a sealant to the wet headlight after applying a small quantity of toothpaste and scrubbing it with a soft cloth to remove the protective layer. Toothpaste might be useful for cleaning moderately filthy or hazy headlights when used as an abrasive.

Therefore, spending money on new headlights is unnecessary if they are just slightly cloudy. The only thing automobile owners need, except some time and effort, is a few common home materials and towels to restore their vehicle’s headlights. 

If you’re planning to clean foggy headlights, Carorbis is the place to get all of your auto cleaning products. There is nothing missing that you may need.


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