How Much Does it Cost to make an eBook ?

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Are you thinking of creating an eBook for CCSF Canvas learning management system? There are a lot of factors to consider before you decide to create and publish your eBook. It is essential to be aware of the price of it, too.

You may be looking to create something that will benefit your existing audience. You could make an eBook as a lead-generation tool which you can promote via social media, paid advertisements or SEO.

Whatever the reason you have to make an eBook, however, there is an issue you need to consider: can it provide sufficient returns on the investment to make it worthwhile? We have put together this guide to help you decide what it will cost to make an eBook. This article will cover the costs you will incur when outsourcing the work.

What is An EBook ?

Technically speaking, “eBook ” is a term used to describe any document that cannot be edited and that is accessible via any electronic device, such as smartphones, computers or tablets. It’s a novel or novel written in digital format to exchange money, a proposal to be submitted, or any other than advancing the author’s goals. As everyone is connected to technology nowadays, writers were hoping to be as well. While old-fashioned paperbacks are still fantastic, eBook s provide greater convenience. It is possible to read or save hundreds of books on one device.

What is the cost of creating an EBook?

If you opt for an eBook, you will save money over the printed book. The time spent on an eBook will be used for development once the copyediting process has been completed and the cover design is completed. This term generally refers to programming, CSS styling, extensive examination of the text for errors, formatting lost in converting print documents to the eBook development platform and testing across various treader-based environments

In most cases, you won’t have to pay the costs. It is easy to create a book using your Word document, design it, and offer it to your customers. However, there are better ways to go. Will you be able to gain much attention or make a profit? You must publish your book on a website such as Amazon Kindle to get more revenue. You have to make your book perfect, which you can achieve by utilizing a writing service.

Let’s look at the costs you’ll need to pay to publish an eBook

EBook Designing Cost

Designing your eBook for success is very vital. Similar to the packaging for your product draws customers. Similar to book covers, design and covers for books are a draw for readers. While you could create a book independently, it differs from an expert’s design. It is therefore recommended to employ a professional designer.

The design of your eBook should reflect the information you’ve put in it. Remember to appreciate yourself when you’ve put in many hours making an outstanding eBook. A well-designed book can be sold at a higher cost (in the sense that you could sell it for more). If the cover is designed well and attractive, it will sell better. Thus, investing in design will pay off handsomely.

Editorial and Proofreading Cost

In the case of editing and proofreading, there’s a wide price range to choose between in the printing of hardcover books. There isn’t a better service for writers where the adage “You get what you pay for” is more pertinent.

Choose an editor that can collaborate closely with you across many eBooks. They will help you develop and define your voice and style, or, at the very minimum, you should get familiar with the voice and manner well enough to keep it through edits.

Most of the time, the proofreader or editor will charge per Word, Per Page or at a predetermined price. The most common fees are between $9-18 for each page,.08-.12 cents per sentence or a flat price based on the project. An excellent editor could cost between $1,500 and $2,200, but it is well worth it.

EBook Formatting Cost

You have a range of options for the formatting of your eBook. You can make it your own, but it’ll require time and divert your attention from the writing. It is possible to use online or downloaded software; however, automated formatting could have issues. However, that’s only some of the options available. You could also employ an editing service, such as editing and proofreading.

There are three formats: three different types: .pdf, Mobi, and. epub. The most commonly used format is. Epub typically. To ensure the broadest spread, you’ll require all three forms, but there will be times when you’ll need.pdf or. Mobi. The complexity of the content you’re publishing may lead to higher costs. It is common to request an estimate from formatting companies. On average, it is recommended to budget between $50 to $250.

Website Creation Cost

You can only do it with an online presence for your eBook if you wish to reach a wider public. You’ll need an eBook website. You can then promote your book even more. You will need to buy a domain name. It is not over $15. It would help if you tried to get your name or your name with “author” or “author” within the title. You’ll also have to pay for hosting on your domain. Choose a hosting provider that has security certificates included.

Depending on your hosting service, it’ll cost you about $200 annually. Apart from hosting, you’ll also need to think about advertising via social media, advertisements on banners, Google advertisements, as well as other avenues.

Why are eBook s beneficial as passive income sources?

Passive income is now among the top income sources. This means that you can earn money with very little or any effort. Or, to put it another way, do less work and make more money. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

On their own, they are an excellent supplement in any plan to generate passive income. Why? It’s because it’s technically able to sell itself once you have created the product, marketed it and sold it.

But, if everything is appropriately set up, using eBook s to generate income could last a while. The longer you keep your book, the more enduring your content will be and the greater your ability to continue marketing and making changes to it.


Yes, it’s possible to make eBook s for free. All you require is a Word document. But hiring a professional to help you with the creation of your eBook will be more beneficial. This will ensure that a wider audience can access your book and take it to the library.

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