How I Stopped Procrastinating In College

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Take less mental energy:

So going back to that concept of doing work while you’re feeling Stopped procrastinating, you want to make sure that you’re starting off by doing the hardest things first, and then you save your easiest tasks for later. This was huge for me in college because I don’t always feel productive all the time, 24/7, and so even when I’m not feeling productive. I can kind of be productive in a sense by doing things that take less mental energy and less focus. May also read:best cipd assignment service in uk

Focused and Feeling more productive:

So let’s say for example, I’m studying for tests. I’ve been studying for two hours or so; now I’m losing focus, and I’m getting a bit tired. What I’ll do is I’ll say, “Okay. Elliot, I’ll just revisit this a little bit later when I’m more focused and feeling more productive.and right now I’ll go to the gym.” And something like going to the gym doesn’t really take focus, necessarily, you just kind of have to get yourself to go and then do it. It doesn’t really require a lot of mental energy So, really I love saving tasks like going to the gym, cleaning my room, doing my laundry,¬† type of stuff when I’m feeling tired. and I’m not really focused.

And basically, the benefit of this is that when you’re feeling unproductive, you know you’re losing focus, and you can kind of be productive. by doing these low mental energy tasks which are technically productive, you know, going to the gym, doing laundries is technically productive. It’s just easier tasks, so if you save them then you can still be productive when you’re feeling unproductive. Also check out: The Importance of Investing in a Quality Database in Dubai

manage my time in uni:

Those are basically all the tips that I have and some of the things that I’m doing in school to manage my time and really stop p Finally, I want you guys to remember how valuable time really is. It’s kind of like money in that it’s an asset, but it’s even more valuable. Because even with money. if you spend it then you can, you know, technically get your money back. But with time, once you use it up. you’re not getting it back. and hopefully, this video was a good use of your time to kind of help. you learn about how I manage my time in uni as well as avoid procrastination in college.
And that’s a lot more manageable than sitting down and cranking something out for ten hours straight. So again, my two points are that you’re less stressed and you don’t have to do as much work at one time.

concept of doing work:

So going back to that concept of doing work while you’re feeling productive, you want to make sure that you’re starting off by doing the hardest things first then you save your easiest tasks¬† later.

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