How Can you Make Delicious Food Using Sesame Seeds?

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Sesame is the seed that appears in the meals of so many different cultures. The seed is used to top ramen, the oil is used to garnish, and tahini is a crucial ingredient in the creation of hummus from chickpeas. The tiny seeds, which have a nutty crunch and sweet flavor, are grown in multiple countries, including India, China, Mexico, and Sudan.

Sesame seeds may be added to your diet in a variety of ways. However, given that many home cooks still need to learn how to use them beyond admiring how beautifully they decorate bread or buns, they frequently go unnoticed for their delicate crunch and toasted taste.

6 Most Delicious Ways to Eat Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds contain various minerals and elements that may be good for your health. Consequently, this blog has compiled six delicious ways to eat sesame seeds. Keep reading!

Sesame-Banana Smoothie

Why not give this a try if you already start your day with the zest and freshness of a fruit smoothie? Sesame seeds, bananas, salt, water, and a teaspoon of vanilla are all you’ll need. After blending everything together, your smoothie is ready to serve. This may be done differently by using little to no water to create a very thick paste. You’ll eat a smoothie bowl rather than a smoothie to drink. It is filling and full of the goodness and energy you need to start the day.


Hummus is one of the popular dips and spreads in the middle eastern population. Typically, to make it, a food processor is used to combine chickpeas, tahini (ground sesame seeds), olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. Hummus offers several excellent health and nutritional advantages in addition to being tasty, flexible, and nutrient-rich. Furthermore, most individuals may enjoy hummus because it is naturally devoid of typical dietary allergies and irritants like gluten, nuts, and dairy.

African Sesame Seed Soup

The whole goal of this post is to explore new dishes, right? This may be outside of most people’s comfort zones. African Benniseed soup, often referred to as sesame seed soup, is a typical Nigerian soup. It is made from sesame seeds that have not been hulled. It is consumed along with a selection of meals known as “swallow.” For this, you first need to get fresh sesame seeds from Natural Sesame Seeds Importers. Moreover, this mouthwatering, nutty soup is often made with beef (or any other meat of your choice), palm oil, veggies like spinach, pepper, onions, bouillon cubes, spices, and meat stock, if available. It’s a tasty soup with little carbohydrates.


Tahini is another delicious meal made with sesame seeds, also known as sesame seed paste. Tahini is made from sesame seeds using the same method as making peanut butter: removing the oil from the seeds and crushing them into a paste. It is a fantastic source of calcium, iron, and dietary fiber, and the spread is highly flexible and healthy.

Tahini is a staple cuisine and an essential component of every meal in North Africa, Greece, Israel, and the surrounding region. It is consumed on its own, added to dishes like hummus and baba ghanoush, and used as a garnish and condiment.


Halvah is one of the most well-liked sweet treats produced in the Middle East, Central, and South Asia. It is a classic treat that is baked into a loaf or cut into squares using honey, flour, butter, and sesame or semolina seeds. There are several flavors and colors available for halvah. It has the typical rough and sharp feel.

This sesame treat is frequently dusted with cinnamon when served warm, chilled, or whipped cream. Nearly half of Europe enjoys halva as a dessert these days. However, the Middle East continues to have the widest selection of halva. Also, because of its many health benefits, this candy is becoming more and more popular in other nations, particularly the US and the UK.

Sesame Chicken

By integrating sesame seeds into your chicken sauce, you may enjoy them in a tasty way. This may be accomplished by using sesame seeds in a recipe for the rich chicken sauce. Sesame seeds increase the meal’s nutritional content and give it a fresh flavor. This dish basically originated in China. Many Chinese restaurants around the nation still offer it as a popular dish on their menu.

Wrapping Up

The addition of sesame seeds would improve the taste of any regular meal. They may be used to prepare many different recipes: fruits, soups, sweets, and even cake. Even as a garnish, its inclusion significantly alters the flavor. The dinner is so much more delicious when you take into account the nutritious value of these seeds!

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