Gwadar protest

Gwadar protest demonstrators threaten to block corridor project

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What happens? Since the second week of November. protests have continued in Gwadar protest, Balochistan. against plans for a large-scale development of the port city. as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Demonstrators gathered under the name of ‘Gwadar Kou Hoqooq Du Tahrik’ (Empowering. the Gwadar Movement). sought to draw attention to the marginalization of local populations. in the development of the port. They are angry because not only are they left behind.

Women protesters flocked in droves

They come from nearby areas of Gwadar. and coastal Balochistan, including Turbat, Pishkan, Zamran, Bolida, Olmara. and Pasni. While this is not the first time  has seen Gwadar protest. It has become the longest-running protest. Despite extreme conservatism in Balochistan, women protesters flocked in droves. Another key aspect of the protest is that. it led by Her Maluna Hidayat-ur-Rehman, the leader of Her Jamaate-e-Islami in the region. Jamaate-e-Islamic has traditionally been an ally of the Pakistani military.

What are the local interests.

Balochistan is the most resource-rich of Pakistan’s four provinces. but he is one of the least developed. Hunting is the main livelihood in this area. Balochistan has little access to drinking water. electricity or even gas, the region’s main resource. Protesters have submitted 19 demands, according to Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper. The first is China Port Development. Corporation should hire more people from Gwadar. The main one on the list is that the government should crack down on the foreign “trawler mafia”. that are looting the marine resources of the Gwadar Sea. The demand was first raised. when hundreds of fishermen, politicians. and members of civil society staged protests against the government. 

Strategically important project

They expressed anger and disappointment. that senior Pakistani government officials, exacerbating the current situation. including the federal fisheries minister. did not support their claims, making statements in favor of Chinese fishermen. and demanding that their licenses revoked. The Importance of Ports to China. The Gwadar port development is perhaps. the most strategically important project of the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor). and China’s involvement there precedes CPEC by at least a decade. During his ten-year reign of General Pervez Musharraf, work began there. 

Indian concern.

It is now an integral part of President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative. Since then, Baloch nationalists have angered by their exclusion, and separatist rebel groups. such as the Baloch Liberation Army have targeted. Chinese interests in and around Gwadar protest. After the corridor began, the attacks escalated. The attack on Serena occurred in 2019 during a visit by an official Chinese delegation. In response, more Pakistani troops flooded the port city India concerned that Gwadar.. which gives China strategic access to the Arabian. and Indian Oceans, was not simply developed as a trade route. They then entered their 18th day on Sunday. 

Illegal trawling in Gwadar.

which came to public attention when mass peaceful protests swept Gwadar. said 1 After a month-long sit-in, we held another sit-in. -of. So reports Dawn News. Children arrived in the city of Gwadar from Turbat, Pasni, etc. in the Gwadar region. and walked through the streets with placards. and placards with demands written on them. Children seen chanting slogans against the government. and relevant authorities. that do not implement agreements signed by the government. including banning illegal trawling in Gwadar. and removing unnecessary checkpoints.

Referee’s sleazy demeanor.

And strongly criticized the government. saying that residents of Makran had protested over the past two weeks. but no government officials came. rice field. negotiations he reflected. Dawn News reports on the referee’s sleazy demeanor. He warned that the highway, Gwadar port. and corridor projects will closed if the citizens’ demands are not honored. and the agreement with Haqt-e-Tahreq is not honored until November 20. A strike observed and in Gwadar he continued with protests for the third consecutive day. Police arrested eight Marine Drive protesters as a result of the clashes. To maintain order, baton-wielding police officers. stationed in various parts of the port town. Those arrested belonged to the rights movement in Gwadar. 

Demonstrators organized

All mobile networks and internet services are completely down in Gwadar, including Pasni. and Olmara. The demonstrators organized a riot in front of the Pasni Press Club. the main road to traffic and deployed a strong police force. at Ground Zero, 6 km from the city of Ormara. On Tuesday a police officer killed by protesters angry at Gwadar’s Gaza revival mechanism. There was no immediate response from the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism in this regard. They have been protesting the government for the past two months. 

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