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Give an Overview of your Famous Pre-roll with Custom Pre-roll Boxes

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The pre-rolls are covered up with fragile and lightweight paper. And a filter at the end side of it. Which makes it prone to dispatching. A bit of pressure can damage or mold the pre-roll, which is unacceptable for the buyers. As a result, you risk losing a valuable customer, and he may never order from your site. If you want suggestions on that issue from us, keep custom inserts inside the custom pre-roll boxes. It creates perfect space and boundary for the individual wraps. And gives a fixed position to the pre-rolls white transportation. Moreover, we give you an insert printing option to give buyers mesmerizing unboxing experience.

Grab The Smokers’ Attention with Scrumptious Pre-Rolls with Super Cool Packaging

It is a biological fact that you always feel attraction toward beautiful things. The same goes for custom packaging. People naturally pay attention to how much you make the custom box pretty. Therefore, we have created a charming and organized design format for pre-roll designing. And used mind-blowing PMS and CMYK color schemes for enchanting color shades. We use first-rate printing machines for the desirable prints. We have offset, digital, and off-screening printing options for you. Digital printing is highly recommended for small order making, and the old offset printing is suitable for large orders. Both printing methods are affordable. But offset printing method is expensive because it requires a higher setup cost.

Create Your Custom Pre-Roll Box with us

We always keep concerned with the customer’s preference and priority. You can choose any box style for pre-roll making. We recommend custom sleeve and tray boxes. If you want something different, use straight and reverse tuck-in boxes. You can choose the correct size box according to the pre-roll quantity and dimensions. Or you can oversize it as much as you want.

Increase Pre-Roll Life with Durable Packaging

The shelf life of pre-roll is just 6 to 8 months, but the air exposure makes the pre-roll expire early. It would be best if you had perforation-free packaging to keep pre-roll fresh for a long. The custom cardboard and kraft pre-roll boxes are high-quality and have high insulation properties. Due to this, the air can’t enter the box, and your pre-rolls remain fresh for a long. Moreover, the cardboard and kraft material boxes are:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical
  • Recyclable

Let The People Understand Why You Are Better Than Others

Due to the legalization of cannabis, many manufacturers are running cannabis businesses and successfully selling different forms of cannabis like pre-rolls, vape cartridges, tinctures, gummies, etc. If you claim your pre-rolls are better, how will people get to know that without mentioning it on the custom box? Describe the full description on the back side of the box surface so that people can understand the difference. Don’t worry about the space issues. We are experts in designing tiny boxes. We will mention details in accurate font size and readable colors. So, the buyers easily read out the whole description without any problem.

Write the Brand Logo Name or Design with Embossing and Debossing

The brand logos should be exclusive on pre-roll packaging. You can use our glamorous enhancement to give a unique finish to it according to its standard. With embossing, you can provide finer detail and 3D effect to the design logo. On the other hand, you can do debossing, which is the opposite of embossing. It creates visual complicity by adding more dimensions to the brand logo, specific images, and fonts. You can combine embossing and debossing with hot foil stampings for a sparkling effect. We have all shades of hot foil stamping:

Few Stamp Foiling Suggestions for Custom Pre-Roll Packaging

  • Silver foil
  • Gold foil
  • Metallic foil (silver, gold, blue, copper, red, and green)
  • Rose Gold foil
  • Embossed Foil (Any Color)
  • Holographic foil

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